ByBilly Olak, writer at
Billy Olak

As I sit here, pondering the total fact of wasting away and being lazy, a trailer comes into my view. Oh, it's Dying Light!

Now after you download this game, and begin to play it, you begin to realize your not in Kansas anymore.

After a dramatic plane jump and getting pulverized to a pulp, some survivors come, a pretty woman and a man, to save you.

Now let's turn to the different aspects of the game. It's basically a choose your own survivor story with different outcomes that no one actually knows about until after. Which is fine, I like a good random game, but that's my own opinion.

The whole parkour game aspect is a good addition to the game, but after drop kicking some zombies off the highest building and then landing on the trash bags that break your fall from a 50 story building and no health is lost, that type of fun is expected.

The gore? Man, I could chop up some zombies arm off, or chop it in two, and watch the zombie bleed out. Which is, sadly, my sadistic side of me.

The story? Man, it's a race to find a cure, but it's so boring, you wan't to just die of boredom after the first 30 missions. Don't get me wrong, it's a very strong and filled with life story, but it's so linear. Not to mention the guy who plays Joshua in Supernatural voices a African-American man with a full beard and looks exactly like him.

Yeah, parkour is fun, but it's a game of mystery, but with elements from Dead Island, it's not a surprise it's a game worth 7.3 on the Billy Scale


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