ByCarlos Gonzalez, writer at
Carlos Gonzalez

Flash Abilities

*He is able to run at even the speed of light.

*He has super fast healing.

*He can process information at a fast rate.

*Full control over his molecular structure, being able to make himself intangible or invulnerable, he can also go through solid objects.

*Time travell.


*He has the potential danger of getting trapped by the speedforze.

*He has to eat vasts amounts of food to maintain his energy.

Quicksilver Abilities

*Super speed (supersonic)

*Teleporting (going to the future and back at a difrent location).

*Time travel

*Creating Wind cyclones

*Can breathe without much oxigen


* he is quite inpatient

*He looses his powers whenever his sister alters reality.

Personal opinion.

I think flash would win not only because his "superior" speed, but due to the fact that he has a conection to the speedforze and could potentially trap quicksilver in it like it has been seen before.


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