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So within the past couple of days we have seen a huge interest in whom will be playing in the upcoming Green Lantern movie coming out in 2020, well that is 5 years away and WB and DC still have to figure out who should will play the next Green Lantern. I mean we could also see the next Green Lantern in the upcoming Justice League movie set to be released before Green Lantern.

So the next question is should it be Hal Jordan, John Stewart or the not so popular Guy Gardner that protects sector 2814 (Earth) or should the director take a page from the comic book story line.

If you do not know what I'm talking about then do some research because yes, Hal Jordan maybe the most popular and well know Green Lantern but he was not the first, that title belongs to Alan Scott who was introduced to the Super hero world back in the 1940's before DC was even known as DC. Granted Alan Scott was not apart of the corps he still had the ring first and will always be the first Green Lantern.

Alan Scott - The First Green Lantern 1940-1949
Alan Scott - The First Green Lantern 1940-1949

So my next question is why didn't DC start from the beginning and why did they jump to straight to Hal Jordan was it really based on popularity and has been the Green Lantern for years (according to the DC comics).

So lets just do that and jump to Hal Jordan, should the revamp of Green Lantern include the most popular Green Lantern. So here are two actors I feel should play Hal Jordan, if he should return.

So here are my top two choices to play either Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner or John Stewart.

Hal Jordan

Chris Pine

Let's face it we all know that he was looked at to play Green Lantern in the 2011 version but instead Ryan Reynolds was chosen. Personally I think Chris Pine would have made a great Green Lantern but obviously the odds were not in his favor at the time, but with Reynolds set to return as Deadpool/ Wade Wilson, producers could look towards Pine to put on the ring and take on huge role.

Alex O'Loughlin

Yes, we're going there.... Alex is another actor discussed to play Hal Jordan (if he were to be brought back), the fact that his character on Hawaii Five-O is said to have the same qualities as Hal Jordan makes Alex another excellent choice.

Guy Gardner

So moving to the next Green Lantern chosen to protect sector 2814. Guy Gardner was originally chosen by the Corps to take over for Abin Sur, however Hal Jordan was closer and was selected. Gardner was then put on the back burner and named the back up for Jordan should anything happen.

So if DC did decided to use Guy Gardner instead of Hal Jordan would it be that bad or would it better to just put Gardner in a coma and name Stewart the protector if sector 2814.

Micheal Rosenbaum

Yes, he may have played Smallville's Lex Luthor, but Micheal has been apart of the DC Universe for quite sometime. Not only did he play in the teenage version of Superman (cause lets face it that is what it was) but he also provided his voice to the Flash. Not to mention his experience as Lex Luthor who was described as cocky, obnoxious and somehow like able. These qualities alone would make him a perfect candidate to play Gardner.

Sam Worthington

Sam Worthington had shown some interest in playing Hal Jordan but stated he needed more acting lessons. However, lets face it Worthington would make a pretty cool Guy Gardner. He's played some troubled characters in the past and his role in James Cameron's Avatar is the one that comes to mind.

As we all know Worthington played Jake Sully, was a former marine and was paralyzed. He regains the use of his legs but using an avatar to find something on this planet, falls in love with a native woman and blah blah blah, you know the rest cause you've obviously seen it. It is the bravery and strength that Sully showed to help protect the plant. Same qualities we all know that takes to become a Green Lantern

John Stewart

Okay so I just want to make this clear, I was born in the 80's and whenever Green Lantern appeared in Superman or Batman cartoons, he was John Stewart and not Hal Jordan. With that being said this is the main reason why I decided to write this article.

Tyrese Gibson

The man causing all this commotion about Green Lantern and if it should be John Stewart's turn to become the protector of sector 2814.

Okay first I don't think it is a bad idea cause lets face it, we wanted to see Idris Elba play him but he won't be out of his contract with Marvel for a while. Now what I don't understand is why not he would make an excellent choice to play John Stewart and eh, if Ryan Reynolds can jump from Marvel to DC and back to Marvel then why can't Elba. There I said it the elephant is out of the room.

Now back to Tyrese Gibson, I don't think he would make a bad John Stewart/ Green Lantern but he wouldn't be my first choice to play him either. Yes he was great in the Fast and Furious movies but I just don't think he can bring it and actually portray John Stewart the way he should be on the big screen.

Shemar Moore

I know, I know he once played on a soap opera. However, he would make an excellent candidate to play John Stewart/ Green Lantern. I mean he has some experience on the big screen. He played in Tyler Perry's Diary of a Mad Black Woman, but he also provided the voice of Cyborg in last years cartoon movie Justice League: War. I know you think I might say... "Well if he did the voice he might has well play him in the upcoming Justice League movie." Well you are so wrong, I mean a lot of woman would get upset and well you don't want that trust me. I think Shemar Moore would do an excellent job playing Green Lantern.

There, if you don't like I just said well too bad its my opinion and you can judge me for it. I mean we can only hope that Idris Elba decides to become John Stewart/Green Lantern. I know if I were one of the producers he would definitely be my first choice.

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Who would you like to see play the next Green Lantern?


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