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The first teaser trailer for the cinematic version of the popular BBC spy series Spooks: The Greater Good, has blasted its way onto the internet!

Peter Firth reprises his role as espionage boss, Harry Pearce, and Game of Thrones' Kit Harrington stars as Will Crombie, a former member of Harry’s team. The trailer teases a tense, adrenaline filled ride. Check it out below:

The film follows Harrington's journey to find the truth after the disappearance of his former boss, Harry Pearce, who was last seen jumping from a bridge into the Thames. All is not what it seems, as Pearce has disappeared following the inability to capture terrorist Adam Qasim (Elyes Gabel) who has slipped through the fingers of MI5 and vanished.

Harrington Performing a Stunt
Harrington Performing a Stunt

With Bharat Nalluri on directing duty and Tuppence Middleton, Jennifer Ehle and show veteran Tim McInnerny in front of the camera, Spooks: The Greater Good is out on May 8.


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