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I think that the entire world can agree that Nicolas Cage is a magical unicorn. In honor of his latest cinematic adventure, "Outcast", set to hit theaters on February 6, 2015, let's take a journey through his legendary existence.

1. While filming "Trespass", a film about home invasion, he woke up to find a naked man in his house eating a Fudgsicle. Nic simply escorted the fellow out of his home.

2. Cage outbid Leonardo Dicaprio on a $270,000 dinosaur skull because, let's be honest: who is better suited to own a piece of prehistoric earth?

3. Nic actually created his own acting style. He calls it "Nouveau Shamanic" and nobody on the planet actually knows what it is. We just know that we can't get enough of it.

4. Nic won an Oscar for "Leaving Las Vegas". When Nic Cage wins, we all win.

5. The house in American Horror Story: Coven was once owned by Nicolas Cage because, magic.

6. For his role in "Birdy", Cage had some teeth voluntarily pulled out of his head so that he could relate to the pain of his character. Commitment. Look it up.

7. His birth name is actually Nicolas Coppola. He renamed himself after the comic book superhero, Luke Cage because he is basically a real life superhero himself.

8. Before Patricia Arquette would agree to marry him, she requested that he get her the autograph of notoriously reclusive author, J.D. Salinger. Nic Cage did it, because he can do anything.

9. Cage's cat once ate psychedelic mushrooms. Cage remedied this by also consuming mushrooms and joining his cat on it's trip.

10. Nic bought a Bahamanian island and a German castle in the same year, solidifying his place in history as a complete badass.

BONUS: Nicolas Cage can be anything. He can be your favorite Disney princess.

Watch Nicolas Cage continue his reign of awesome as a mythical outlaw in "Outcast" in theaters February 6th, 2015.


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