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What [The Avengers](movie:9040) have given to the world has been immeasurable. No, not the focal point of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or box office domination, but the endless parody and mash-up videos that they have inspired.

The latest comes from YouTube stars PistolShrimps, and it imagines a world in which the Avengers weren't brought together to save the world...but to save dance as we know it.

The video starts with a flashback montage of Cap going at the sandbag as memories of his dad yelling at him for wanting to be a dancer and then throwing his dance shoes into a lake flash through his head.

Stephen Colbert, always topical.
Stephen Colbert, always topical.

And it goes from there.

There are definitely some tired jokes in here (black people can automatically dance, being gay is bad, bro), but the editing is on-point. And the random (Russian? Polish? Wherever Borat is from?) guy who brings them all together is just so bizarre he's actually entertaining.

Best Shot

Tony in his lab, dissecting dance videos. Obviously trying to build a better dance shoe.

Funniest Scene

Hawkeye's obligatory "retired pro comes out of retirement one last time to save the day" moment.

The only time he saves the day in the MCU, amirite guys?

...Awww, too soon, Alisha. Too soon.

Best Use of Someone Else's Leg

Then again, he could be an American Horror Story-level sort of freak. Who knows? Those Russians are enigmatic.

Best Nick Fury Is Murdering You With His Mind Moment

To be fair, dude had it coming to him with the "you can dance because you are the black" comment.

Best Callback

The moment Cap is reunited with the long-lost dance shoes his dad tossed into the lake all those years ago. That's also some solid visual editing, right there.


Who do you think would win a dance-off?

(Source: PistolShrimps via GeekTyrant)


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