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An Epic Story of demons, action, love, hate, horror, and civil war.

It all began in the 80's in England; the place where nerds got together to make models and paint them called Games-WorkShop. It began to spread and became a franchise with, books, comics, video games, fan made films,and one movie (as far as i know). The movie was "Warhammer 40,000 Ultra Marines". I can complain about it all day, but to say the least it wasn't epic, it wasn't Warhammer 40k. The story was short, too obvious, and as a fan of Warhammer made me bored.

Back to the point before I rant about the flaws of that movie. As a fan and i am sure many more fans want to see a live action film of Warhammer 40k. Particularly to begin with the Horus Heresy, and it is the best way for people who don't know the story or origins to the Warhammer universe. The book "The First Heretic" would be a great starting point for the movies. You see how everything begins.

If the movie is made right (which shouldn't be that hard), it would be epic. I believe that more fans would come out of the theaters, and previous fans would feel a sense of accomplishment, seeing something such as giant marines, terminators, Primarchs, dreadnoughts, space-hulks, titans, daemons, the vastness of the 40k Universe would be EPIC! The action let alone the everything of the concept would be amazing to see in the theaters.

I have posted a video to show you a glimpse of the universe, but believe me there is ALOT more to it. (By the way i know it is a Grey Knight, and has nothing to do with the Horus Heresy; sense they were founded after the Heresy).

(This is a fan made video, but can you imagine how awesome it would be).

This is my first article, so forgive me for leaving it short, but necessarily to the point about the subject. Let me know what you think about this idea of a Warhammer 40k Horus Heresy movie.


How would YOU react to a movie like this?


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