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The long awaited Sequel to the 2012 "R" rated comedy "Ted" has finally got it's trailer. Our favorite bad mouthed stoner plush bear is back and is fighting for a cause. In "Ted 2" Ted is getting married which (somehow) goes off without a hitch but when Ted and Tammy want to have kids they run into a few snags. Since enchanted Teddy bears can't really reproduce with a human. If that wasn't enough the happy couple gets a letter in the mail stating that they aren't legally allowed to have a baby unless Ted was human. This leads to Ted suing the government on account of his civil rights and hiring Sam L Jackson as his lawyer. The movie looks to be as funny if not funnier than the first, having most of the primary cast returning with a notable absence from Mila Kunis. Mark Wahlberg is back playing the straightman to Ted which is to be expected. However, the new film adds some awesome talent in the likes of Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson and more. Seth MacFarlane is back in his animated wheelhouse, since the disappointing "A Million Ways To Die In The West" and looks to be funny as ever. Watch the trailer down bellow! Ted 2 comes for everyone again on June 26th

Are you excited for Ted 2?


Are you excited for Ted 2?


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