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Ever since Nikki Reed started dating The Vampire Diaries hottie Ian Somerhalder, there has been a feud between Reed and Ian's ex and TVD co-star Nina Dobrev. Nikki's engagement to Ian made matters worse and led to a lot of controversies. And considering that Nina and Nikki were BFFs before, we fans were not happy with this fight. And now, Nikki being a very mature and modest person, has considered inviting Nina to dinner. But for what reason? Lets list our theories:

An Intervention in the works:

Damon and Elena (Ian and Nina) on TVD
Damon and Elena (Ian and Nina) on TVD

After we recently learned that Nina and Ian were being "very touchy" with each other on the set of [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853), we can't help but wonder if Nikki is planning an intervention for Nina. Is Nikki threatened? Does she want to specify boundaries?

Nah! I don't think so!

I wouldn't worry about Nikki's motives just yet. Nikki says she has no desire to ream Nina out,

"Nikki has no bad blood for Nina. She would love if they could all be friends again" - says an insider.
"Most girls would have a problem with Ian spending most of his time with his ex, but Nikki isn't most girls. She's very confident and she doesn't see Nina as a threat. Ian is close friends with pretty much all of his exes - she's okay with it." - says the source.

Maybe she wants to patch up!

Friendlier days between Nikki and Nina
Friendlier days between Nikki and Nina

Perhaps Nikki is really trying to take the tension down a notch with Nina? After all they used to be great friends!

"Nikki and Nina used to be so close and Nikki has told lots of people that she would love to get back to that place with her," - says an insider.
"Nikki has said that she wants to invite Nina over for dinner, but it hasn't happened yet."

What do you think guys? Will Nikki actually extend an invite? If so, would Nina accept it? I have a feeling that drinks, instead of a meal, would be a good place to start!

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Do you think Nikki will invite Nina over for dinner?


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