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We all like to watch Disney Movies , and watching it we sometimes see some characters , clothes , and other stuff that look very similar to some other disney movies we saw. I myself can't stop watching them and these are my Top 5 favorite Disney Easter Eggs - hope you like them!

Lilo & Stitch

When lilo shows Nani what stitch can do, we can see the poster in the wall that says "Mulan". I guess Nani loves the song " I'll Make A Man Out Of You "


From being a king to being thrown as a rug , karma's a bi*ch ..

Hans of Frozen is a Time Traveler

When i was watching Big Hero 6 , i noticed the statue looked like Hans of Frozen. Then later, i noticed the Wanted Poster at the police Station. Maybe when Elsa froze him, he later unfroze and lived in the future?!


Clearly we can see the Tea Set from the Beauty and the Beast. I don't know what to say... its just awesome and super funny !

...and for the last a couple we saw in Frozen...

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider in Frozen

In the begining of the movie we can see Rapunzel and Flynn in Frozen coming to the kingdom!


Which Disney Easter Egg do you like more ?


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