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Director Matthew Vaughn, best known for his superhero satire; “Kick-Ass”, tries his hand at the spy genre with “Kingsman: The Secret Service”, a global spy thriller filled with intrigue, wit and glorious action.

The Kingsman are a secret spy organization hidden in plain sight, headed my Arthur (Michael Caine), the Kingsman are a modern day ‘Knights Of The Round Table’, maintaining peace in the world and dispatching of anything that threatens it. Megalomaniac Richmond Valentine (Samuel L Jackson) is the latest threat, hatching a diabolical plan that will reduce the population. Samuel L Jackson is great in the role, albeit its a very silly role but he perfectly captures the character; a villain who can't stand blood yet wants to kill off half the world.

The Kingsman must find a new recruit to join their ranks after one of their own is taken out by Valentine’s blade legged assassin. Galahad (Colin Firth), our main Kingsman agent, breaks a young man out of prison who he deems to be worthy of recruitment, he brings 'Eggsy' (Taron Egerton) into the operation. Firth uses his English toff reputation to great advantage here as the unsuspecting man who has no trouble in a fight. Newcomer Taron Egerton goes toe to toe with Firth, having no trouble keeping up with the Academy Award winning actor. The two have a miraculous rapport.

The performances are marvellous, the action stupendous and the comedy soars.

Matthew Vaughn has this special talent of creating an almost parody, but grounding it in real drama. He certainly proved this with "Kick-Ass", which had a lot of laughs and poked fun of the superhero genre, but had genuinely deep and dark character moments that make it such a great film. He does the same with "Kingsman", which goes even further towards parody then "Kick-Ass" did. Vaughn is a director with such diversity in his work.

For all you "Kick-Ass" fans out there, remember the Hit Girl corridor fight? Well Vaughn ups that in a church fight scene that is one of the best fight scenes I've seen in quite some time. It was satisfyingly brutal, masterfully choreographed and elegantly put together.

The film also has a terrific supporting cast, Mark Strong surprisingly doesn't play the bad guy here, proving that's not all what he's useful for. Michael Caine of course graces us with his iconic accent and great sense of humor once again. There's also a brilliant cameo from Luke Skywalker himself; Mark Hamill.

Firth is an absolute scene stealer; he plays the seemingly mild mannered yet incredibly lethal ‘Galahad’. "Kingsman" is an insanely enjoyable wild ride that never lets up. If you liked "Kick-Ass", you'll adore "Kingsman: The Secret Service".

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