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I can't belive he is dead, after all this time!

So, there is a conspiracy theory, with strong evidence, supporting that Will Smith is dead all along!

How he died

The gang, who beats up Will.
The gang, who beats up Will.

So, it starts out with the classic show intro. At the start, we se that he accidentily throws a basketball at a gang. After this, the gang supposidly beats him up, leading to his death. You can go with that, or another similar theory, where Will goes into a depression after getting beat up, where he commits suicide.

Meeting God

The cab driver is God taking Will to heaven.
The cab driver is God taking Will to heaven.

After the fight, Will's mother makes him move to his uncle and aunt in Bel-Air. He then takes a cab from Hollywood. In the song, he also mentions that the cab seemed "rare".

The distance from Hollywood to Bel-Air is 2676.2 miles or 4 306.9 kilometers. Today, that cab ride would cost $8,356.96 Which is alot of money, and Will, probably didnt pay that price. Why? Becouse the taxi driver was God, himself. And he was taking Will to heaven.

Will's Heaven

Finally, Will makes it to Bel-Air. And for him, this is his heaven. Here, he is happy, and he is with friends and familly. We only se his mother and father on rare occasions. This is becouse this is when they visit his grave.

So, I definantly think this is true. But what do you think? If I missed something, feel free to say it in the comments!


Do you think Will Smith is dead, all along?


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