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Years before a DC Cinematic Universe was decided and subsequently an Aquaman film was agreed upon and subsequently Jason Mamoa was rumoured and selected for the role, I always pitted him for the role. He yawps to the 9 realms that he is Aquaman in the gloriest of glory.

Rahzzah on Deviantart just brought Mamoa's Aquaman to life so that we may all fanboy and fangirl till Batman vs Superman dawns upon us come 2016.

Jason Momoa will turn the most ridiculed superhero in the history of comics into the most sought after and most popular superhero amongst the masses, especially the ladies.

Even in the recent Justice League Throne of Atlantis, Aquaman looks like a wimp. The only time he looks awesome is with his long hair, beefed up body and that big goatee. Momoa fills all boxes with raw masculinity.

Bring it on Momoa, nail the role and bring the deserved respect to Aquaman.


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