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Nobody is immune to the charms of the Harry Potter series. Whether you be a witch, wizard, Muggle, or member of the royal family, there's no denying that this fandom is just about as addicting as it gets.

Is there anything that demonstrates friendship better than these books and movies? While my head says a resounding "no," my heart is telling me otherwise. Some of the greatest friendships and people, in this world or a fictional one, belong to the cast behind the Harry Potter series. Let me explain why in 35 verifiable and resounding reasons.

1. Started from the bottom...

Now they're here.

2. They know how to flee the scene of a crime

3. And make sure that each other's hair game is on point

4. But they still keep each other on their toes

5. Without hurting anyone

6. Or at least without maiming or seriously injuring each other

7. Okay, maybe they maim each other a little..

8. But it's all about healthy competition.

9. They aren't afraid to share the deep, dark secrets we all want to hear

10. Even their own secrets

11. Seriously, all of the secrets *wink*

12. They totally understand our desire to be magical

13. They know how to have a good time onset

14. They truly love their characters

15. Even when they don't get the kindest feedback

16. They're always in the loop

17. And very self-aware

18. There's just a lot of love between them

19. Which sometimes leads them to get intimate

20. Really intimate

21. But all's fair when filming a movie

22. They're all fantastic dancers

23. Seriously, good enough to make people become Death Eaters

24. They know it's true and embrace it

25. They know how to party

26. They taught us how to rock a Butterbeer mustache...

27. How to pick up chicks...

28. They even shared their wisdom on fiscal responsibility!

29. Basically, they're just the coolest cats around

30. And we're lucky they're so willing to share their talents with the world

31. Including how to choose their words carefully

32. And how to properly take a joke

33. They share in each other's success

34. And are pretty much the coolest group of friends ever

35. And some of the most grateful

There! I've made my case. I hope you're convinced (or further convinced) that the cast behind Harry Potter is comprised of some of the best people who have forged a friendship that even rivals that of Harry, Ron, and Hermione's. I guess Harry Potter tends to have that effect on people!

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