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I am a super movie lover, obviously and their is nothing I wouldn't do to defend a great movie or to explain a great movei
Serenity Fields

I enjoy a good musical, and a good cartoon. This movie was is a musical fantasy that was brought out in 2013 but i assume went straight to DVD because I was never able to see it in theater, which is a bummer because this is one of my favorite cartoon movies as of now and I think plenty of children would have enjoyed this. I would have enjoyed any child singing any song on this movie compared to "Let it go." The movie start with a woman traveling through the snow up a steep hill on the coldest day in the history of the world. So cold birds literally fell out of the sky frozen solid. This woman was carrying a baby and new she needed to get to the witch and midwife Madeleine on top of the hill, knowing her baby would have a frozen heart. It did and the witch replaced the babies heart with a cuckoo clock and gave the baby three rules

#1. he must never touch the hands of the clock

2#. he must master his anger

3#. he must never ever fall in love, for if he did then his heart would fall apart and he would die.

He did fall in love though and he came upon a lot of rather interesting characters. You also have lots of different types of music, the movies villain had a back ground beat box as he spoke in rhymes. Jack sang and his love had a Hispanic salsa vibe. It was based in Edinburgh in 1874 and travels around the to different parts of Europe. It's a grand adventure although the ending isn't what you expected it has a way of making up for it all. You must see this movie at least once, no matter your age, it's on Netflix.. at least that's where I found it and I order everyone to go watch it!! mush


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