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In May 2010, Channel Awesome, Nostalgia Critic, and the rest of the That Guy With The Glasses gang had unleashed a nerdy action comedy called Kickassia!. The film was a six-part webseries condensed into one giant 91-minute film. Kickassia! was about the Nostalgia Critic and the rest of the guys and girls from TGWTG trying to start a take-over of the Republic of Molossia, an actual man-made country located on 22 Mary Lane in Dayton, Nevada. Molossia's president, Kevin Baugh, appears in the film as a comedic version of himself.

In 2011, Emer Prevost, better known as Hellsing920, made Kickassia! the subject of the pilot episode of his YouTube movie review series Reaction & Review, in which he watches a movie he has never seen before, gives out a reaction to a certain part of the film, and does a review of it. Hellsing said that he hated the film (he also called it a "knock-off of a Family Guy episode"), even though I myself am a fan of Kickassia!. Hellsing was also responsible for being one of the guys that formed Wingerdinger Productions, a YouTube-based community and website formed by Hellsing and some of his friends and colleagues. Wingerdinger Productions was sort of a rival to TGWTG.

In 2012, Wingerdinger Productions began working on a YouTube project that would be the "elusive parody of Kickassia!". The project was a 12-minute short film known as Punchdickia!. Despite the title, it doesn't have any sexual references. Punchdickia! was created by Hellsing920's friends Eric Gaede (Asalieri2) and David Savage (The Game Boob). It also features a cameo appearance by Hellsing920, Razor Fist (now known under the YouTube username The Rageaholic) and a parody of Luigi from the Super Mario Bros. games.

The plot is a bit similar to Kickassia!, except that it involves a fight between the Game Boob and Asalieri2's alter-ego, a Mexican dude named Pissed José (although the introduction, which parodies the opening to Kickassia!, does talk about a micronation, this time in a nonsensical manner). The opening title sequence is a Newgrounds-style Flash animated sequence with Pissed José and the Game Boob fighting a devil-like monster in a Super Robot that is actually a Del Taco restaurant. The Risk board game tutorial given by YouTuber Board James in Kickassia! is replaced with a review of the Super Nintendo hockey game Blades of Steel, and the "Santa Christ" figure is replaced with "Easter Beavis", which was designed by Hellsing920 himself.

If you want to see how funny Punchdickia! is, watch the whole thing below!

Asalieri2 also posted the short film's "Super Extra Special BluRay Turbo Version" on YouTube. It is the same as the original Punchdickia!, except that it features some newly edited scenes, some deleted footage, and a closing credits sequence. Watch and see what you find to be more cool!


What are your thoughts on Punchdickia?


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