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OK, so Disney is making a live action movie for Cinders. Sounds cool. But what's interesting is that Disney casted Hellena Bohnam Carter as the Fairy Godmother. Now, it makes sense considering her relationship with Tim Burton and history in film that they would choose her for this role based solely on her talents. I think she'll do a good job. But all my Potterheads out there, I know what you're thinking! She's already Bellatrix! She can't be the Fairy Godmother too! Well, you're wrong, because....

The Fairy Godmother is Bellatrix LeStrange!

What?! Disney, you just created so much fanfic, you don't even know what's happening anymore! Consider this: We know that the Fairy Godmother is inherently good, and Bellatrix is inherently evil, so they're totally different right? No way they're the same person! Wrong. We know that from the super cheesy direct to DVD Cinderella III that the Evil Stepmother stole the Fairy Godmothers wand and used it for evil. Now, the movie had a happy ending and good was restored to the world. But the Fairy Godmother was never the same. It twisted her. She saw that evil could overcome good on the whim of a single, determined person. This transformed her, causing her to experiment with darker magic to try and protect all that is good. But in the course of her delving she ran into none other than the young Tom Riddle, still a fourth year at Hogwarts. She saw what he would become. What he was capable of. He showed her that evil will always prevail in the magical realm, and the Fairy Godmother thus became Bellatrix LeStrange! Duhn duhn duhn!


What do you guys think?? Are Bellatrix and the Fairy Godmother really one and the same?!


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