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Marvel's really skimming the back-catalog for this one! I knew that A.K.A [Jessica Jones](series:1168773), a lesser-known show about a lesser-known Marvel character, would be filled with more lesser-known or B-list Marvel characters. But the most recent addition to the show, though a bit lesser-known today, is a famous classic Marvel hero!

Hellcat, alias Patsy Walker! Patsy is one of Marvel's oldest characters! Dating back to the time where comics were stale and mostly Archie ripoffs (unless they were before Archie, I'm not sure when Archie first came out), Patsy was a character while Marvel was still sort of going by 'Timely Comics'. This was before [The Fantastic Four](movie:34667), Marvel's first superhero team and first superhero comics series! So she wasn't a hero, but instead, she was just a normal 1940's teenage girl!

All those F's! I'm Fantastically Flabbergasted!
All those F's! I'm Fantastically Flabbergasted!

Once Marvel got into the superhero world, Patsy wasn't forgotten! She became the superhero known as Hellcat!

As Hellcat, Patsy has a plethora of great powers! Agility, telekinesis and sharp claws, Patsy's got it all! And she'll bringing all that and more when she shows up in the upcoming Netflix series! So who's portraying Patsy?

Rachael Taylor! Rachael has a ton of great acting credits! She's been in Grey's Anatomy, The Darkest Hour and the upcoming thriller, The Loft! Rachael will be Jessica Jones' best friend, Patricia "Trish" Walker. While it doesn't say much about her suiting up, it's highly likely that she will eventually.

Hellcat is a prominent member of both the Avengers and the Defenders, the latter of which is getting its own Netflix show as well!

Rachael is the newest casting announcement, behind David Tennant as Kilgrave, otherwise known as the supervillain, "The Purple Man"!

Now I'm definitely looking forward to A.K.A Jessica Jones! There's no official release date at this time, but you should definitely be on the look out for it!

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