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Rant on Americanizing films. Kinda did this in five minutes. Pretty sure I hit all the points I wanted to. It's a bit of a read and don't mind my grammar.

OK should probably start with the plot of these two movies. Since they're the exact same when it comes to story line I'll only do it once. ALSO! While doing this I will try my best not to spoil any major points in these movies. Though for story line it's a basic boy meets girl type thing.

Plot: You have Owen who is bulled at school who is basically trying to survive in his boring life as his parents fight with each other. Abby his new neighbor in the apartment complex who has a strange guardian who barely shows up besides doing 'bad' things and ending up in a hospital bed. Abby as a character stays shrouded for the entire movie. You see simple things in the original and nothing in the remake. Oh and she's a vampire.

Already talked about the main characters and there aren't many small ones besides the bullies, which if you watch the movie know they get what's coming to them.

THE DIFFERENCES! There isn't much difference when it comes to plot but in the American version her being a vampire is blown up. The way she attacked people was extravagant compared to the french version. Just simple movements, the way she did things, and what happens to the lady she bites. Apparently American audiences can't handle subtle.

The chemistry between the two characters was more apparent in the french just for the fact they talked to each other and when I said they talked to each other they talked A LOT. In fact Americans don't want to see people talking they wanna see action even if it's a simple movie with a simple plot. I'm not saying the actors are bad in the American version they just didn't have the time to actually get connected with each other.

Yes at times the french version could be considered boring just for the fact nothing happens till the last maybe 20-30 minutes of the movie. It's called suspense people! The second things start happening you're on the edge of your seat. The american one just starts simple for the first quarter then goes to town. Again it just didn't have the same feel and didn't give me the satisfaction that the french one gave me.

1. Should movies be Americanized?

In my opinion no. I mean why should anyone be forced to dumb down other great works? Just watching these two movies you can see the subtle differences but don't get the same feeling. I haven't watched the french version of Girl with a Dragon Tattoo but it's probably along the same lines with what they did with these movies. Not everything has to be action. Is it bad to use your brain every once in a while?

2. Why does Hollywood do this in the first place?

Because they're running out of ideas and when they see something that could be big they grab onto it. Probably the only reason they picked this movie was because Abby was a vampire and it was the only thing blowing up at the time. American audience loves horror and the original didn't really have that until the final moments except for Abby's guardian going off and killing people which wasn't a big part in either movies.

3. Why does it matter?

It just shows how different we are from other countries. Just looking back at We Need to Talk About Kevin, a British film that makes you wait for the climax and puts you at the edge of your seat when it actually happens. You know something bad is going to happen without anything besides dialogue. The look on the actors faces and how they deal with things is what makes a movie NOT EXPLOSIONS! Looking at you Michael Bay.

That was my rant for the day. If you guys wanna correct me on any of this go right ahead. I would LOVE to hear what you guys think on Americanizing films.


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