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After months of speculation, Jurassic World has finally released official information concerning the park's newest and most fierce park addition yet: Indominus Rex. Standing at a whopping 40 feet tall, I. Rex easily earns its name "Fierce or Untamable Beast." Information on this beastly dinosaur can't be found in any text book since its origins begin in the Hammond Creation Lab.

Due to corporate and financial pressures to rejuvenate the dwindling park crowds, [Jurassic World](movie:32752) scientists utilized the magic of genetic engineering to single-handedly manufacture the park's most menacing attraction yet!

At first, the Indominus Rex may seemingly possess a similar silhouette to the infamous Tyrannosaurus Rex. However, note the bony body armor lining the dino's body from head to tail as well as the jagged rows of teeth that could undoubtedly easily crush through bone. In fact, these spear-like teeth continuously regrow, just like those of a great white shark!

Is that a 747 jet plane, I hear? Probably not. More than likely, that thundering sound is coming straight from Indominus Rex himself. With an aggression index of "very high" and the ability to run at speeds of 30 mph (while confined...), the carnivorous "Untamable Beast" is not a creature you want to cross paths with when it's outside of its enclosure. If you ever find yourself face to face with Indominus Rex, do not attempt to confront or retaliate. Either hide or escape on the nearest vehicle!

Don't let any of the above information intimidate you though! Indominus Rex is truly an incredible hybrid of nature's most fearsome beasts! This one-of-a-kind creature's paddock will finally be opened this summer for the first time, and we hope you can join Jurassic World for the grand reveal June 12, 2015!


Will you be visiting the park this summer for Indominus Rex's grand debut?



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