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Thanks to [Edge of Tomorrow](movie:267902), fans have come to know and love Emily Blunt. First she is the number one choice among fans for Capt. Marvel, but is she also on the way to becoming the #1 choice for Snake Plissken in the [Escape From New York Reboot](movie:896038)?! Yes, the reboot no one asked for is coming back to the big screen. They are on the move, looking for America's answer to Mad Max, and an actor to fill Kurt Russell's shoes. Before I plead my case for Emily Blunt as Snake, I'm going to explain a little bit about why this is being rebooted.

For about a decade now studios have been trying in various ways to make a sequel to the horrendous Escape from L.A.

The idea of Escape from Earth was on the table for a while but never came to fruition. And frankly sounded like a really dumb idea. Also, John Carpenter had a Snake Plissken show in the works that never took off. Seems like it was just too hard to recover from Escape from L.A. So when all else fails, what do you do? You just remake it! Because that makes the most sense, naturally.

Granted, I don't think a remake/reboot should happen at all, but since there is no choice... the quest for a new Snake has been ongoing. Rumors have swarmed that Charlie Hunam, Chris Hemsworth, John Berenthal and Dan Stevens were once up for the role, but I have not heard anything about those castings in a while. Movie critic Todd Gilchrist mentioned an idea that nearly broke the Internet two weeks ago:

Only to have this idea supported by USA Today in their article, Emily Blunt In An Escape From New York Reboot?! Yes Please! I was floored by the amount of support this tweet actually received. Of course a lot of people don't like to see women taking over men roles but there was a surprising amount of people into the idea. As for myself...I think it's brilliant! Would John Carpenter and Kurt Russell be into passing the torch to a woman? That remains to be seen, but with Blunt it's really not impossible to think about, and here's why....

1. Talent

Being a two time Golden Globe winner, her talent cannot be denied. She has no problem with changing her accent and her characters, she has displayed a diverse range and depth. To me she has displayed, out of the actors that have been rumored to be up for the role, the most talent and being a female has nothing to do with it.

2. Her aptness for action cinema

Clip from Looper
Clip from Looper

I liked Emily's character in Looper. It was a break from the normal comedic roles, or a reliance on period piece material.

But after Edge of Tomorrow....

Angel Of Verdun
Angel Of Verdun

I put her in the group with other female sci-fi badasses like Sigorney Weaver, Linda Hamilton, and Milla Jovovich.

Excuse the BAD photoshop
Excuse the BAD photoshop

Fans took her character and held on tight. In Blunt's next film Sicario, she stars as an FBI agent tasked to take down a Mexican drug lord. She is not playing second fiddle here, the story is centered around her character. Director Denis Villeneuve trusted her to take on that type of role because she's capable. Not just for the sake of getting women to come to the movies.

3. Women in the cinematic, post-apocalyptic world

With the exception of a few female roles regarding the post-apocalypse such as, Tina Turner in Mad Max: Beyond the Thunderdome and Lori Petty in Tank Girl, you will be hard pressed to find a woman who has survived, on her own, in the post-apocalypse world, without a male counterpart (if I am wrong please correct me by leaving some examples below). In a 2013 article by, they perfectly state the problem with this phenomenon:

The one aspect that melds perfectly with the like-minded cinema that comes before it is that women are doomed in a post-apocalyptic world. The Book of Eli embraces this notion with fervor, using every opportunity it can to portray women as bait, whores, and victims of grisly rape. The only solace for this future is having a male partner who can share in the fighting and defense. With a man, there's some slim chance of survival. Without? Women are doomed.
Yes, This is the Face of Being Scared Shitless
Yes, This is the Face of Being Scared Shitless

John Carpenter will be involved creatively in the development of the reboot. In addition, he has never been afraid to put strong women at the forefront in his films. I don’t think he would have too much trouble with casting Emily Blunt, but only time will tell.

For those of you saying no, simply because we are talking about a female replacement...

**Disagreeing with this casting because Emily Blunt is a woman is just sexist in nature. Yes, its an opinion and people are entitled to it, but its still sexist in nature. I understand and agree that more films featuring women in action films need to be made. However, there is nothing wrong with making them equal or recasting women into the roles that were originally meant for males. All that is required is talent and a well-written story that fans would enjoy on the big screen.**

Source: USA Today

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