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The Crisis on Infinite Earths is arguably the most important comic book crossover ever. It was basically was the reset button for the DC multi-verse but this article isn't going to be about the story of the crisis. Instead I am going to talk about the concept of a crisis on infinite earths and the some of the possibilities that it holds for the DC cinematic universe which are endless.


Superman the first super-hero. first appearing in action Comics #1 he is one of the most popular heroes of all time. since his creation the have been plenty of adaptations live action and animated. now there are 3 people from live action versions that could reprise there role as superman Dean Cain (Lois & Clark), Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) and Tom Welling (Smallville). we could see any of them in the events of a crisis. also this is unlikely but am I the only one that wants to see how Tim Daly (superman: The Animated Series) would do as a live action superman?

Crossover with currant, previous and future TV shows

now when I say future TV shows i mean the ones currently in development. A lot of people want to see Arrow and [The Flash](series:1068303) of CW to be part of the DCCU and that has became impossible presuming Ezra Miller will be playing Barry Alan but with a crisis on infinite earths it is very possible. now DC has plenty of shows to pick from we could see a earth-2 Justice Society with Adam West's Batman and Linda Carter's [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) as well as live action versions of Alan Scott and Jay Garrick and who doesn't want to see a full fledged Smallville Justice League.

Last but not least Batman

The Batman is the most popular hero only him and Iron Man have grossed a billion dollars by themselves and Batman has done it twice. Im going to talk about each previous batman. now first is the old campy Adam West batman who really i would just like to see as Bruce Wayne. as for Michael Keaton I would love to see a Dark knights returns style batman. i want to see Kevin Conroy as an old Bruce Wayne and Will Friedle as terry McGuinnis after all who dosint want a live action Batman Beyond and finally The Dark knight Christan Bale I just want to see him teaming up with the crazy super powered characters of other universes.

also don't include Val Kilmer or Clooney because 1) there the same version as Keaton and 2) even if they weren't they are just bad batmen and 3) i wouldn't mind seeing Tommy Lee Jones (Two Face) or Arnold Schwarzenegger(Mr. Freez) reprise there roles as villains.


What do you want to see in a Crisis on infinite Earths Movie.


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