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There is no doubt in my mind that on a perfectly equal playing field DC and Marvel would both be on par for box office supremacy, right now that is just not the case. With Marvel (including fox and sony)releasing 3 and at times 4 movies a year, and DC getting one in every few years they are just seriously falling behind. I am not going to get into a big tirade on who is better Marvel or DC, both have their merits and their downfalls. That being said I will say this, at least in terms of the Comics, traditionally Marvel hands down has had better characters DC has had better Stories(although that dynamic too is changing).

In my Opinion what I see the biggest problem in the DCU right now is not the people at the Top. Geoff Johns (Current Chief Creative Officer at DC) is one of the greatest Comic authors in the last 20 years, the stories he has written have redefined the DC Universe.

The problem is not even the Actors. A-List actors are flocking to Comic roles on both sides of the fence, although i do believe that DC has the edge for Oscar contenders over the MCU.

DC's biggest problem is the middle. The Directors and Producers that they are getting for their movies. We all know the Schumacher fiasco, but the majority of the talent thay have gotten behind the camera for their movies has been Mediocre at best, MOST with the Exception of Christopher Nolan(The Dark Knight, Inception, Memento) and more recently Zack Snyder ([Man of Steel](movie:15593), The Watchmen, Sucker Punch) the people who actually bring the vision of the comics to the screen have been failing hardcore. Yes I'm looking at you John Peters and Yes I am looking at you Martin Campbell.

Marvel has just in most cases gotten the better talent behind the camera than DC/Warner has. And until they are able to get the same level of talent behind the camera that they are getting in front of it they are consistently going to come up short.

Now that being Said I do have hope for DC, I am very much looking forward to Dawn of Justice, and I think that David Ayer (Fury, Street Kings), has written some wicked movies(Training Day, the Fast and The Furious) his forays into directing have just not hit the mark. I do hope that the rumors are true that they are looking to Ben Affleck to direct the next series of Batman solo movies, because honestly no matter how much you may hate Affleck as an Actor, as a Director he is truly talented.

Finally the last thing DC needs is total creative control. with the Advent of Marvel Studios they were able to keep more creative control of their properties. DC has nearly no control all of the main choices eventually still end up in the hands of Warner and that means compromise sometimes compromise that kills what potentially could have killed an amazing story. Again I look at you Jon Peters, Superman fighting a giant mechanical spider??? really what is wrong with you. DC needs full creative control of their Universe if they want to be able to translate their best stories to movies without compromise. If you need proof just look at the DC animated movies and marvel (no pun intended) at how amazing they are in comparison to the live action movies.

What do you think can DC truly ever rival the Marvel machine or are they just destined to fail no matter how hard they try. Let me know in the comments below.


Can the DCU truly ever rival the MCU?


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