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The walking dead is one of the most intense shows on television but the zombie apocalypse is actually closer than you think! It can happen tomorrow, next week, or even in 100 years. Some people think that its impossible for a dead rotting corpse coming back to life but according to MOGK, an author,college lecturer, and talking dead cast member, it can easily happen!

no it is not
no it is not

So if it really does happen(which it probably will) i have a game plan and im going to share them with you to survive the apocalypse echo echo echo echo.


If the apocalypse happens everyone already is probably gonna do the same thing, go to big name stores like walmart,albertsons, walgreens, etc. They just run in, take a whole bunch of stuff they need and run away faster than a cheetah so they don't get eaten by a creepy,bloody three year old in a white dress WITH ponytails right? Wrong. People will start to riot and KILL to even get a bag of freaking doritos or a large frozen chicken. You probably die at the supermarket than to be eaten by a zombie. Once you here the news saying a group of dead corpses are attacking run to a store and take five carts of food and water also dog or cat food if you have a pet(remember... there family too).


I ain't dying today motherf***ers.
I ain't dying today motherf***ers.

Always have a partner or a group to look out for each other just make sure they know how to fight like that grandma above she ready to kill some zombie ass.


Or you'll end up like that.
Or you'll end up like that.

Avoid attention at all cost. Dont make loud noises or make to much light at night because they can hear and see that shit like those stupid people in movies that trip or breath heavy. Might as well yell "hey zombie where over here"


Bring everything you need like water, food, toilet paper, lotion, sunscreen, toothbrush,toothpaste, sweets, guns, machetes, chainsaws, gas, fire,subway,etc. Anything that can kill, protect, and make someone full! And some clothes too. You're gonna need clothes.


Like the airport, the zombie apocalypse can make even the most nicest, gracious person lose their cool. Don't let it get you down. Put on some bob marley and just chill and laugh and always be grateful your still alive!


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