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So you are probably wondering "Why are you being a Skeptic?". Well as simple as I can put it, I don't want to be to disappointed. I'm not saying that the movie is going to bad by any means, the Trailer looks amazing! In fact the trailer is definitely a great refresher from the endless waiting for [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870)'s trailer and another (Longer) Trailer for SW Force Awaken's. The fact is we've been very hyped up for big let downs (X-Men's Origins: Wolverine) and as it remain's to be seen the movie trailer is very promising.

Here's Johnny! Michael B. Jordan (Yeah that one dude from Chronicle). In the comic Lore Johnny Storm is Susan Storm's brother, so in this movie from what we know Johnny is either adopted or he's not a storm. No big deal, but there are a lot of a people who dislike this, purely because of race and that is lame. What do we know about Michael B. Jordan? He has worked with directer Josh Trank before in Chronicle and showed us that flying is pretty legit when your in high school. I doubt that this Human Torch is going be that hot shot Flame On Dude that Chris Evans portrayed.

Jamie Bell in the house! And yes this casting actually caught me of guard the most. It makes total sense after watching the trailer, I was not convinced until I seen Jamie's angry face playing base ball. Which leads me to conclude that Ben Grimm has some anger issues because of his size. This also leaves me with a reasoning that the Four get their abilities from there emotions, unlike the first film (not the one from the 90's...[-_-]...) where they get it from objects the touched.

And Miles Teller, he's totally underrated as an actor and has been for sometime. He also worked with Michael B. Jordan in 'That Awkward Moment' so they play of each other well. Teller was in an Oscar nominated film 'Whiplash' watch it, that is homework peeps. The majority of his films have been B-Rate comedies, but they've all been pretty funny, and to be honest he was the high light of those films too. He's good with humor so I'm glad that it won't be to dark. By the look's of things Mr. Fantastic and the Thing are going to be the Fan Favorites of this movie.

Kate Mara has been in two superhero films. Yup. She was in 'Ironman 2' as the U.S Marshal who served Tony, and starred along side Tim Allen in 'Zoom' as pretty much Jean Grey but in a bad movie. I honestly have high hope's for her, she is a great actress and deserves more and better roles. I think she is gonna be a better superwomen than Black Widow.

There still hasn't been a whole lot of word on the main antagonist for the film, but my bet goes for the Creepy Evil Morgan Freeman looking dude okay. Yeah, he's a bad guy no doubt, like I think Ultron sounded less creepy than that dude!


Who are you most excited to see in the new movie?


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