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So, I've done three of these "Top Ten Weirdest....." articles now, my first two being "Top Ten Weirdest MARVEL Villains" and "Top Ten Weirdest MARVEL Heroes". Check out my profile if you want to read those.

Now, I've had several people tell me that someone shouldn't be on my lists because of how powerful they are, but this is Top Ten WEIRDEST, not Top Ten lamest or weakest. Some of my favorites are really weird.

Well, there's no time like the present to begin so let's jump on in, shall we?

First up....

10. Green Lantern

Yes. Green Lantern.
Yes. Green Lantern.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!!!! Simmer down y'all! Before you decide you're DONE with this article and throw the keyboard across the room, just hear me out. It's all I ask. And no, I'm not just saying this because of his movie.

The Green Lantern, for those of you who don't know, is a human from Earth chosen by the Green Lantern Corps to be a defender of his sector of the world. There have been several different guys to take up the Green Lantern mantle. He joins the Justice Society and later the Justice League, along with Batman, Superman, and all them.

The reason I put him on this list is because he's just so pathetic. I mean, he can use his power ring to form anything he can imagine. Pretty powerful right? Well, it would be if it weren't for its major down side. And that is it has no affect AT ALL on ANYTHING yellow. Yes!!! The color yellow!!!!!!!! If your weakness is a color, you're already weird, in my book.

(This part I've edited in) If you don't believe that the Green Lanterns have absolutely no power against anything yellow whatsoever, the n read this. On th wikipedia page for Green Lantern, it states, and I quote, "The rings of Hal Jordan and his colleagues shared a similar weakness to anything colored yellow, though due to the removal of the yellow impurity from the Central Battery on Oa, more recent stories have removed this weakness." Also, in the DC Comics Encyclopedia it says, and I quote again, "...the rings were ineffective against anything yellow."

9. Enlongated Man

Enlongated Man vs Booster Gold!!!
Enlongated Man vs Booster Gold!!!

Enlongated Man is a strange dude who got his powers from a gingo fruit. He's mainly a partner to the Flash, but has also teamed up with the Justice League.

First off......the name. Enlongated Man? Seriously? They could've come up with something better than that if they spent two more seconds thinking about it. Also, the elastic power is always weird, sometimes handy, but weird all the same.

8. G'Nort

Lies! All lies!!!
Lies! All lies!!!

G'Nort is a humanoid-dog-like alien who is a member of the Green Lantern Corps, and we already know why I don't necessarily like them. :)

G'Nort, who is basically just a bumbling idiot, only became a Green Lantern because his ancestor was. Not only is he a Green Lantern, but he consistently messes everything getting stuck in ventilation shafts....

7. Odd Man

Odd Man is the only hero of River City. A city that puts Gotham to shame when it comes to crime.

Alrighty, I mean, it's in his name, ODD!!! He wears a clown-like suit to confuse his enemies before he knocks 'em out cold. He has no powers, but is a good detective. Overall, I'd say he's pretty odd.

6. Genius Jones

My oh my!
My oh my!

Genius Jones was deserted on an island for several years. He read and memorized 734 books to pass the time. When he was rescued he called himself Answer Man and later adopted the name Genius Jones.

He has no powers, but since he memorized them books, he can answer just about any question and can build all sorts of stuff to help in crime fighting.

5. Ch'p

It''s strangely....cute...
It''s strangely....cute...

Yup! Another Green Lantern!!!

Ch'p is a squirrel/chipmunk kind of alien who also joined the Green Lantern Corps. Not only is he a Green Lantern, but the way that he dies just is icing on the cake, proving exactly why Green Lanterns are terrible.

Ok, this little critter has an interesting sense of style that also makes him appear slightly weird. I mean, who else wears a bow tie with overalls?

Now, when he dies, it's just so terribly pathetic!!! He;s the superhero gone roadkill. He gets run over by a yellow, I repeat YELLOW tractor and he couldn't use his powers to stop it because it was yellow.........uh huh.

4. Angle Man

Angelo Bend. ANGEL-o bend? Wow!
Angelo Bend. ANGEL-o bend? Wow!

Angle Man, whose real name is Angelo Bend (not very clever), has a magical set square that allows him to teleport, manipulate gravity, bend space, and many more amazing things. Maybe this guy would be kinda cool if his name wasn't Angle Man, and if he didn't have a magical set square. For Pete's sake, he's worse than MARVEL's Wrecker, with the enchanted crow bar!!!!

3. Matter Eating Lad

Hoo boy...
Hoo boy...

Where to start, where to start?

The name speaks for itself really. He can eat matter, of any kind, at super speeds.

Ok, so...we have...a lad....that eats matter.....LET'S CALL HIM MATTER EATING LAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not a good idea.

2. Detective Chimp

Now Curious George is a superhero. Oh no....
Now Curious George is a superhero. Oh no....

Bobo, otherwise known as Detective Chimp, is basically a detective chimp.

He was genetically modified to be more intelligent than an average ape and it was a success. Well, less of a success and more of an it worked kinda thing. I would not call that a success. I don't care if his initials are DC, he's weird. Very much so at that.

And now.....

The winner.....

The weirdest hero of all............

1. Arm Fall Off Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*PLORP* Aaaaaaaand....there goes the arm...
*PLORP* Aaaaaaaand....there goes the arm...

Arm Fall Off Boy, aka the Splitter, has the power to remove his limbs!!! And hit people with them!!!

He tried out to join the Legion and has a panic attack. And resulting from said panic attack, he literally FALLS APART!!!!!! I'm talking arms and legs falling off of him and his whole body just crumbling to the ground!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think we can ALL agree that this....this, right here, is the ultimate weirdo of the DC Universe!!!!!

So, do y'all agree with me? I know I do. ;)

Let me know what you think below. Thanks.


Who do you think is the weirdest DC Hero???


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