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Early in production of the pilot for the new Flash television series it was announced that original Flash, John Wesley Shipp, had been cast in an unrevealed role, which turned out to be that of Henry Allen, the current Flash's father. Then we got Amanda Pays reprising her role as scientist Tina McGee, followed by the announcement that Mark Hammill would be reprising his role as The Trickster. Now, it seems, the party is still going strong as a new cast member has been confirmed to be reprising his role from the classic series, and in the same episode as Mark Hammill's Trickster. Vito D'Ambrosio, who played Officer Tony Bellows in the original series, will be returning as Bellows, though this time Anthony Bellows isn't a cop, he's the Mayor of Central City. Unfortunately, one former cast member won't be able to reprise his role. Sadly, Biff Manard, who played Officer Bellows' partner Officer Michael Murphy, passed away this past year.

Personally, I love that the producers of the new series are acknowledging the older show, which seems to have almost disappeared into obscurity, by bringing in older actors, and in most cases reprising the same characters they portrayed 25 years ago. It shows a respect for what has gone before, the same way the producers of Batman: The Animated Series did by bringing in Adam West to voice the Grey Ghost. This isn't just a nice shout out to fans of the character and of the original show, it isn't just an acknowledgement of one's roots, it is also a great show of appreciation and admiration for those who came before and who paved the way. Smallville was very good at this, bringing in actors from many previous Superman incarnations, and it is nice to see The Flash continuing that tradition of honoring those who came before.

The Trickster episode has yet to have an air date announced, but we will be sure to let you know as soon as it does.


Do You Appreciate When a New Show Pays Homage to an Older Version?


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