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As if we didn't have enough irrational things to be afraid of. CreepyPasta has been around for awhile now, and it isn't going away any time soon. Many notorious figures from this genre have achieved so much popularity that they've cultivated their own videogames, fan made movies, fan ficition, and endless voids full of artwork. The strange thing is some of these characters are so original, and terrifying that no one in Hollywood has jumped on them to make a feature (but I guess they're too busy making trilogies out of 30 year old movies).

5. Abandoned by Disney

Legally, this story has the same chance of being made into a movie as Leonardo DiCapprio has of winning an Oscar (poor Leo), but the idea of exploring an abandoned Disney attraction only to see images so terrifying (such as a walking, decapitated Mickey) that you'd need to visit Willy Wonka's tunnel a hundred times just to desensitize what you just saw.

4. Smile Dog

What seems to be a mix between Cujo and the husky from Snow Buddies, this canine is sent as chainmail to unsuspecting victims, and asks them to "spread the word", or else they'll be shown an image that'll drive them to insanity until they commit suicide. I could see this playing out, the chainmail is sent to a guy and he grumbles "f**k this I'm not going to send this." Only till days later, when an attractive teenage couple are having sex in the woods (because teenagers do that right?), and the topless girlfriend turns to face a decomposing corpse and screams bloody murder. And then Michael Bay calls cut, and tells her to go back to his trailer.

3. Robert the Doll

Based on a "true" story, of a little boy named Robert who was given a doll as a gift and named it after himself (egotistical asshole). As the story goes strange things started happening where the parents swore they could hear Robert talking to another person in his room, and whenever something mischievous happened the boy he simply stated "Robert did it." Neighbors would see the doll moving from window to window, giggling, and the parents even claimed to see it moving. After Robert died, a new family moved in and the little girl found the doll, but after she claimed the doll tried to attack and even kill her. Robert's now in a museum on display.

2. Jeff the Killer

A horror legend in the making, Jeff was an innocent boy who was burned alive, and lost all sanity after looking at his scarred appearance. After returning home from the hospital he carved a smile up to his cheeks, and burned off his eyelids so he could always see his former self, and not blink anymore. After killing his family, he went on a serial killing rampage. Before he executes his victims he says "go to sleep."

1. Slender Man

There's something simple, yet pants shittingly horrifying about a gangling, tuxedo wearing, faceless man who pursues children, has tentacles, and teleports at will. The thing about Slender Man is the instant you see him, you're screwed. Like start writing a will, and buy a gun or something because you don't want what's coming. In the games he's featured in, Slendy (as he's affectionately called) tends to leave ominous notes on trees, reeling in victims and stalking them until capturing the poor bastards. Unfortunately, due to recent controversy a movie doesn't seem likely, at least not now.


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