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So, drawing up to the end of these profiles (two left after this one, saving the best til last), comes (Captain) Boomerang. This guy sounds a bit lame as a villain, clearly, but he is actually quite cool. He is most notably an enemy of The Flash, but more on that later. So, the character:

Real Name: George "Digger" Harkness/Owen Mercer (Mercer is Digger's son)

Alias: Boomerang/Captain Boomerang

Age: Variable (as usual), but I'd say mid 30's, or possibly even late 20's.

Appearance: Muscular, slightly intimidating. Blue/black trenchcoat, with boomerangs in pockets.

Supernatural Abilities: None. (In one iteration of the character, he was able to produce boomerangs out of energy). Throws boomerangs with high accuracy.

Equipment: Various boomerangs (Explosive, acid spewing, bladed, incendiary, electrified, etc).

This character may sound a bit poorly thought out, however he is also quite badass. Sure, he may not be able to go toe to toe with the likes of Deathstroke of Deadshot, but his boomerangs, and his accuracy at throwing them, make him quite a lethal character.

Boomerang has also appeared on the TV show Arrow, in the second Arrow/Flash crossover, as the Digger Harkness version of the character. There he faced off against The Flash and Arrow, and even got into A.R.G.U.S and terrorized the entire facility. He was portrayed by Nick Tarabay.

Boomerang in Arrow
Boomerang in Arrow

My hopes for him in this movie.

I really liked the version of Boomerang that appeared in the Arrow/Flash crossover. If they could make the character somewhat similar to that iteration, I believe that this character could be quite good on the whole. Jai Courteney has been cast for the part. His Australian accent should suit the character, as the character is, actually, Australian (as is Deathstroke).

I think it would be nice to see some form of competition between Boomerang and Deadshot, in terms of accuracy, or the amount of people they could take out, kind of similar to Legolas' and Gimli's competition in the Lord Of The Rings, though far more serious and sinister. They are both assassins, after all.

Big picture, but worth it.
Big picture, but worth it.

How will this character fit into the plotline? Well, as with the usual plot rumours, there was no mention of Boomerang in the plot rumour, so he's not likely to be a major player in the movie. he will probably be already on the Squad, in a detention cell commissioned by Viola Davis' Amanda Waller, only to be let out as he has "certain skills" that are of use to the mission.

Jai Courteney has been completely confirmed as the character, and I believe as always, that if DC have confidence in Courteney for the role, then we should too. I mean come on, who'll disagree with DC? We'll probably all really enjoy the movie anyway, no matter how bad it may seem now.


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