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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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Just in time for the action packed, hangover fest that is Superbowl comes another action packed, potential hangover fest of an event that will be slotted in quite nicely during one of sport's greatest showcases.

A new Terminator Genisys' TV spot is primed to hit the screens before Superbowl begins, and while it recycles shots from the original trailer, it serves as a reminder that there is a fair amount of juice left in the ol' motorized cybernetic machine.

Let's have a look at it in all 30 seconds of its glory...

Still no footage of ex-Dr. Who Matt Smith or J.K. Simmons but here have this


To still your aching heart.


Here is what I assume to be the T-800 riding a hog, that's riding a school bus. Welcome back to the world of The Terminator!

"Can You Drive Stick?"

Khaleesi- I mean Emilia Clarke's Sarah Connor is seemingly attempting to evade someone (or something...) in the aforementioned school bus, and is doing a pretty rubbish job of it. I'm guessing the new T-1000 has sniffed her out.

Arise, Arnold Promise-Keeper!

He did say he'd be back, and right on time to save his adopted daughter Connor and the fish out of water Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) from a deathly swim.

Fatal Femme

Oh, she's a badass isn't she! This time the action swaps bridge for sky as Connor gets a target in her sights. Could it be the T-1000 again or Skynet's lofty headquarters this time?

T-1000 v2.0

The trailer will have you believe she's about to straight up gun down this noseless creep here, the new and improved T-1000 (Byung-hun Lee). Man it looks AWESOME!



T-1000 makes jumping through windows and dashin' javelins made of mimetic polyalloy look purely casual, like a bonafide robo-olympian.

Beautiful This Time Of Year

The spot then takes us back to the future with these drones out searching for peoples. Can you spot the famous landmark?

"I've Been Waiting For You"

T-Grandpa waxes lyrical with...

...a younger version of himself...

...who he welcomingly starts gunning at. This is what you get for making a man wait! Apparently. So I'm guessing this is where the events of James Cameron's The Terminator comes into play.

"I'll Be Back"

Old Man T-800 is fixing to do something ridiculous...

Sarah Conleesi is shocked that he's used that line again...

...then he dives out of the helicopter in shame...

...and manages to take out an enemy helicopter!

Hell Yeah!

And that's the spot! Pretty exciting. I'm looking forward to finally getting to see more footage of the machines, and Emilia Clarke, in action, but I guess this Lord Of The Teasers will have to do for the time being.

What about you guys?

Did you enjoy the spot?

(Source: Empire Online)


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