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The elusive goat-sucking Chupacabra is one of the best known cryptids, but could this discovery finally give us concrete proof of its existence?

A 54-year-old Chilean man named Bricio Saldivar who discovered the as yet unidentified remains in the image below certainly seems to think so.

At first he thought the unusual, twisted corpses belonged to innocent bats, but on closer inspection the startled man realized the bones were far too dense and the heads almost double the size of those belonging to the flying mammals local to the area.

A skull displays a fearsome tooth
A skull displays a fearsome tooth

A local goat-farmed named Javier Prohens who went to investigate the bizarre discovery with the startled Saldiviar told The Daily Mail that:

He was clearly scared and said he had been up at the old winery and found two strange bodies. When we got there we saw them lying among some hay bales in one of the cellars. At first we thought they might be bats, but when we looked closer, we realised they had to be something else as the heads were too big for bats. And then someone said they looked like Chupacabras

The Chupacabra, whose name derives from the Spanish for goat sucker, is a cryptid (mythical creature) that is said to stand at around four foot tall when fully grown and have scaly gray reptilian skin.

The community, which relies on goats to make a living, are understandably shaken by the thought that the Chupacabra could really be living among them. Prohens explained that:

Our livelihoods are built on goat farming. There are lots of goats here.
Although it's said they only attack animals, who knows it is won't attack our children too

(Source: The Daily Mail)


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