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Karly Rayner

Some people have the ability to see hilariously twisted scenes in even the most innocent material, and these coloring book corruptions are all prime examples!

These Disney characters have all had their reputations dragged through the mud by some comically twisted minds and the results are equal parts hella weird and hella funny!

Don't believe me? I bet you can't get to the bottom of this list without letting out a few shocked chuckles!

Marijuana Mouse

Image: DrowningPuppies

I'm not sure you should be handling a pan of boiling water in that state, Mickey!

Princess Hashmine

Image: l_yo

A whoahhhhhhh new world.

Bird Brained

Image: Kschlub16

Who knew it was possible to be this allergic to bees?!

Winnie the Killer

Image: Coloring Book Corruptions

A willy, nilly, killer old bear!

Hakuna Ma-Splatter

Image: Coloring Book Corruptions

I'm not so sure it's such a wonderful phrase anymore...

Snow White and the Shifty Pimp

Image: Moop01

Didn't those dwarves teach you about answering the door to strangers?!

Pervy Uncle Winnie

Image: Coloring Book Corruptions

Deep in the Hundred Acre Wood, Nobody can hear you scream!

(Source: Comic Book Corruptions)


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