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Now, when it comes to fan-made trailers for movies we're all completely over-excited about, they tend to come in three categories: the good, the bad, and the still, for some reason, hiding a video of Rick Astley.

A few, though, manage to step up to the level of 'I would actually watch that movie as is' - an impressive achievement, considering that their editors typically have little more to work with than an assorted collection of clips from other movies, and the will to make them into something great.

This recently released trailer for Captain America: Civil War - created by Alex Luthor - is very much one of them. And, conveniently, you can check it out just below...

Now, there are a whole lot of reasons why I'm actually kind of a little bit in love with that video - and only most of them have to do with my complete and utter inability to wait until 2016 for the actual movie to arrive.

I mean, we're talking...

The Vision!

Who, admittedly, will most-likely look a heckuva lot fancier in the final movie - but even so. I have a sneaking suspicion he's going to have a pretty big role to play in Civil War, so it's great to see him make the (fan) cut.

Similarly, we get to see...


And, crucially, Paul Rudd's Scott Lang gets slipped in on Cap's side. Whether that works out in the movie version remains to be seen - something tells me Lang could be a little more up in the air about the whole thing - but it's awesome all the same.

Baron Zemo!

Or, at least, a cunningly edited-in Daniel Brühl - who, the latest rumors tell us, is very much set to play Baron Zemo. A whole lot of bonus points for getting him in there, though.

And, my personal favorite...

Hawkeye v Falcon!

Because YES.

What do you guys think, though? Is that anything like how the eventual Captain America: Civil War trailer will look? What do you think we'll end up seeing in the actual movie? And just what's the deal with Baron Zemo, anyway?

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