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It was one of the biggest winter finale shocks of 2014. The death of Oliver Queen. Much talked about in fan forums and geek websites and speculated by one and all.

But come mid-season premiere, we were all thrown into a pit of disappointment to not be risen again. Moreover, the scimitar perforated his right lung but he is bandaged around his liver. Something's fishy. Anyway, in a logical world, he is dead as coal. And he ain’t blowin’ hot.

But that isn't the case as the producers decided.

How did that happen you ask? How did Oliver Queen return from the dead? How did he survive a Scimitar violating through his lower chest? How did he survive an easy 100 feet fall onto hard rock in harsh winter? How did Sarah die with three arrows and a small fall onto a car but Oliver survived? How?

I love the show but it is preposterous for a show to claim that they are being grounded and realistic and show a man come back to life by literally nothing but herbs. Herbs! Give us these magic herbs and we will cure the world.

Oh I get it. That was Cannabis. Its all a hallucination.

Over the winter break, after the shocking 9th episode, we all speculated…and specifically we all comic geeks were hell bent on on one theory; that when the show returns and consequently so does The [Arrow](series:720988), we will see him scuba dive in the Lazarus Pit. After all, that is the only realistic (in comic terms) explanation to his non-zombified neo-arrow toting-Jesus Christ return from the grave without a tombstone.

But he is healed now. With herbs and pencillin. Yeah, we are supposed to buy that. Herbs and Pencillin and a woman in the cabin are enough to bring back a man to life; something not even the greatest surgeons in the world can accomplish.

And he comes back to life just like that. Oliver Queen is not dead! Oliver Queen's flashbacks are back! Oliver Queen will be returning to Starling City to kick some ass! Everyone is glad!

No. Not us fans.

We have been made fools. This hurts the intellect. And the source material. Instead of taking us to the Lazarus Pit, we are given this absolute bummer: Oliver Queen survives and is walking within a day. No worries. It was just a 100 meter fall on hard rock with a pierced chest in a snow storm. Its all possible.

This causes brain damage.

Let me know the levels of your nerdrage in the comments, I do need company to vent till I can vent no more. Sigh.


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