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We all know that Johnny Depp is a hollywood heartthrob best known for playing the coolest, kookiest, and funniest characters in all the biggest movies.

But did you know that he played guitar on the Oasis track 'Fade in/out' and is best buds with famous Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards?

Johnny Depp (Far left) with the band Oasis!
Johnny Depp (Far left) with the band Oasis!

Nope? Neither did I!

With this new revelation in mind, I set out to have an in-depth look into some Johnny Depp trivia - it turns out he's actually a pretty sweet guy!

Scroll down for 10 heartwarming facts about Johnny Depp!

1. When Johnny Depp was a child, he had an allergy to chocolate.

2. He has a severe phobia of clowns.

3. He was once suspended from school for mooning a teacher.

Johnny Depp's bare ass.
Johnny Depp's bare ass.

He then dropped out of school aged 16.

4. He has his children's names tattooed on his body.

Lily-Rose and Jack.

5. Before he became an actor, he worked as a telemarketer selling pens.

6. He has been arrested twice.

Once in 1994 for allegedly causing serious damage to a New York City hotel room, and once in 1999 for brawling with a paparazzo in France.

7. He paid for most of writer Hunter.S Thompson's funeral.

He was a longtime friend to Hunter S. Thompson and paid to fulfill the man's dying wish of having his ashes shot out of a cannon in Aspen, Colorado.

Watch Johnny playing Hunter.S.Thompson in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas in the video above.

8. In 2008 he donated £1 million (about $1.5 million) to the Great Ormond Street Hospital.

They had treated his daughter for an E. coli infection.

9. He wears two silver skull rings.

Apparently they're to remind him that life is short and every moment needs to be lived to the fullest.

10. He saved the horse from Sleep Hollow.

He adopted "Goldeneye" thereby saving him from the glue factory.

Know something else cool about Johnny Depp? Tell me about it!


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