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Now, when it comes to The Joker, it's hard to do anything to improve on Heath Ledger's legendary performance back in The Dark Knight. Sure, Jared Leto's going to give it his all - but there'll always be a special place in most Bat-Fans hearts for Ledger's iconic portrayal.

And yet, while we may be lacking a performance to match Ledger's, there are a whole lot of other ways to re-invigorate the Clown Prince of Crime - as a whole lot of awesome fan-artists have proven.

Some of what's coming up is strange, but this is The Joker we're talking about, so trust me - that's just part of what makes it awesome...

First up?

Setting Off a Big Bang...

With Robbie1328's re-imagining of The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper - who definitely isn't crazy.

The Force is Strong In This One

Or, at least, in Justin Hansen, who created this awesome blend of villainy.

The Clown Prince Gets an Entourage

As imagined by pjperez - the question now being: Which villain's Turtle?

"It's Time for an Adventure, Harley!"

And, as demonstrated by RAINBOWGUMDROP, Adventure Time and The Joker are a surprisingly natural fit.

A Madman Gets Madder

In Bill Walko's Mad Men-riffing take on Gotham villainy...

A Nightmare Before Halloween...

With AodhRua's Nightmare Before Christmas-inspired take on Mister J.

And, my personal favorite...

Batman Shot First

Which boyRoland demonstrates in the greatest possible way...

What do you guys think, though? Have you seen any fan art that's even better?

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