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When it comes to casting movie and television adaptations of beloved comic-books, there's one hell of a tightrope to be walked between staying faithful to the original, and successfully transferring it to the screen. After all, what works well in one medium doesn't always translate easily to another - just look at the struggles creators have gone through over the years to get most superhero's adaptations right.

With the upcoming Supergirl, then, the pressure has very much been on. It is, after all, a television adaptation of one of the DC universe's most iconic characters.

Thankfully, the recently cast Melissa Benoist seems to be an excellent choice - having both the acting chops - as anyone who caught her small but crucial role in Whiplash can attest to - and the all-American looks that the role needs.

There has, though, been a little more controversy surrounding the casting for the show's other iconic DC hero - Jimmy Olsen.

The reason? He was recently announced to be being played by actor Mehcad Brooks.

Who, as it happens, doesn't look a whole lot like the original, comic-book version of Jimmy Olsen...

Mainly because he looks way, way, way too cool to play the perennially geeky Olsen we know and love. The key thing there, though?

The character of Jimmy Olsen has clearly been changed a lot from what we're used to in the comics for the series - and from the sounds of it, Brooks is a perfect fit for the new version of the character.

After all, pretty much everything that's been revealed so far seems to suggest that Olsen will be a whole lot closer to an intrepid war-reporting photo-journalist than he was back in the days of Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen comics - and in that particular scenario, the fact that Brooks is a ridiculously good-looking ex-model is less of a problem.

Sure, he doesn't especially seem like he'll be a natural fit for the awkward, naive Jimmy we've seen in the past...


...but for the version of the character that the modern demands of television seem to require?

He seems perfect...

Unless, of course, you're not too keen on the idea of Jimmy Olsen being a good-looking, bad-ass, no-longer-all-that-junior photographer - in which case, I honestly don't know what to tell ya'.

What do you guys think, though? Is Mehcad Brooks a good choice to play Jimmy Olsen? Is there someone else you'd rather see in the role? Do you even think Olsen should be in Supergirl, anyway?

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