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Now, when it comes to the heroes who'll be lining up on either side of Marvel's Civil War - the great divide across which many a punch looks set to be thrown in next year's Captain America: Civil War - there are a few that we can be pretty sure of.

Captain America, for instance, is pretty much guaranteed to be on one (let's call them anti-registration, for simplicity's sake) - while Iron Man (on the pro-registration side) is equally certain to be on the other.

Odds are The Falcon is more-or-less guaranteed to side with Cap - seeing as they're totally best buds - and War Machine (sorry, Iron Patriot...) seems a lock to join Iron Man's.

The others, though? It's a whole lot less clear. So, it seemed about time to take a closer look at just which side one of the MCU's most popular heroes will end up on - and so we ask...

Which Side of Marvel's Civil War Will Black Widow Be On?

Now, seeing as Natasha 'Black Widow' Romanoff just spent pretty much the whole of Captain America: The Winter Soldier becoming best buds with Cap, that might seem to be a pretty redundant question - but if you take a look at the comic-books on which Civil War is based, it might become a whole lot less so.

The reason?

Natasha Totally Fought Against Cap in the Comic-Books

Yup, that's right - the comic-book Black Widow was one of the most prominent superheroes to support the Iron Man-backed Superhuman Registration Act, making her firmly opposed to Cap's anti-registration stance.

Which, in the comics, makes a whole lot of sense, seeing as Natasha is still very much an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. - eventually even assuming temporary command of the organization.

Plus, of course, she did get her start in the MCU kicking a whole lot of ass (while working for Tony Stark) back in Iron Man 2...

The thing is, though...

The Movies Have Shifted Things Around a Lot

After all, in the MCU, S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn't even exist at this point, and Black Widow just spent a whole movie on the run from the government alongside Captain America. Add in the fact that America - and the world - just found out a whole lot of her dirty secrets, and she doesn't seem like a natural choice for a pro-government paragon of superhero-dom.

Surely, then, that means she's a shoe-in to join Cap's side in the fight to come?

Well, maybe - but maybe not. After all:

The Story-line Demands Drama

Specifically, a very particular dramatic tension that was at the very heart of the comic-book Civil War - one centered around the betrayal several characters felt when their friends and partner's took a different side.

Now, the main thrust of that drama lay in the conflict between The Fantastic Four's Invisible Woman and Mr Fantastic - which, due to Fox owning the rights to the characters, we absolutely are not going to see in Captain America: Civil War.

What, then, is likely to replace that key sense of personal betrayal?

Well, there are a few candidates - Hawkeye and Black Widow's friendship, for one, and Tony Stark and Bruce Banner's for another - but there's only one that's been placed front and center as a plot-focus within the MCU, and that's Cap and Natasha's friendship.

Which means...

It Makes the Most Sense to Have Black Widow on Cap's Side...But That's Exactly Why it Might Not Happen

Could we then, instead, see her side with Iron Man? It would definitely make for a seriously powerful emotional center to the movie...

The only problem?

The MCU version of Civil War is expected to focus less on superhero registration, as it does in the comics - which the MCU Natasha might well not side with Cap on - and more on whether or not superheroes should answer to the government.

Now, in the comics, that'd be a solid way to get Natasha Romanoff, government agent, on your side. In the MCU, though, she just helped bring down S.H.I.E.L.D. Which she discovered was secretly being run by HYDRA. Now, even for Tony Stark, that could be a tough sell.

Or, alternatively, it could make her betrayal of Cap and his values all the more heart-wrenching...

The big question, then? What do you guys think?


Which side will Black Widow be on in Marvel's Cinematic Civil War?

And, perhaps even more importantly - what do you guys reckon will happen with the other heroes? Who'll side with Cap? Who'll end up with Iron Man? And how'll it all end?


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