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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

(Warning: You should be up to date with the goings on in Westeros and Essos by now, but if not... you may want to be careful.)

Spoilers for your favorite show are everywhere. They're all over your Facebook and Twitter feeds, they're in conversation at the bus stop, splurted out by nihilistic colleagues and now in basketball simulators for some incredible reason!

NBA 2K15, the latest addition to 2K Sports' basketball franchise has a major facepalm moment waiting in its MyCareer game mode. Redditor Mister Big came across a random player conversation where they were discussing a HUGE plot point in season four of Game Of Thrones!

Major Spoiler Alert - Major Spoiler Alert

Here's the culprit, the screenshot from NBA 2K15.

Only scroll down if you've finished S4 of GoT!

Who thought that was a good idea, huh? That's like slipping spoilers into cereal boxes or something. "This show is sponsored by 'That Asshole Dies In Season Four!'"

It may have been a nice little in-joke or gesture in the studio, but it's now clear that we'll never be able to let our guard down again. That's a bit dramatic but you get what I mean.

(Source: Mister_Big via reddit)


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