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Warning; Possible spoilers for both The Walking Dead TV show and comic series ahead!

With The Walking Dead returning to screens very soon (about time!), there's no doubt that you've all watched the trailers for Season 5b multiple times. On the odd chance you haven't yet seen it, here's the first one again:

The most recent trailer can be watched over here, but it was after watching the first season 5b trailer again that I really got thinking about the mysterious gates that Rick, Michonne and Tyreese are spotted running from.

Where could it be?

There are quite a few theories about where the gates shown in the trailer could be, though none have really stood out as a huge possibility, until now.

First thoughts were that the gates could have been to Noah's walled community in Richmond. Virginia, or possibly the Alexandria Safe-Zone. However both of these theories have major weaknesses because of the sheer distance between the group's location in the mid-season finale (Atlanta) and both Richmond and Alexandria - over 500 miles. That's a long distance to travel, whether on foot or by car under normal circumstances, but with the ever present threat of walker hordes it seems unlikely they will be anywhere close, at least for the majority of Season 5b. Instead, I'm going to throw out the possibility that the gates could be to Wiltshire Estates.

What exactly are Wiltshire Estates?

Wiltshire Estates will be a very familiar place to readers of The Walking Dead comic series, and whether you remember it or not, we've actually seen Wiltshire Estates in the TV series as well, but I'll come back to that soon, firstly for their significance in the comic series:

Wiltshire Estates made an appearance early on in the comic series when Rick and the group came across the area. With it's sturdy gates and fences they declared it a safe place to stay, failing to notice an obscured sign that warned that all of the Estates inhabitants were actually dead. Unfortunately the group lost one of the members to a walker in the Estate and then quickly fled.

However, that wasn't the last we heard of the Estate, as we later learned who made the sign which warned about the walkers, an unlikely hero: The Governor. As it turned out The Governor and his group had found shelter at Wiltshire Estate, though they left a few months before Rick and his group got there. This was months before Gov began to turn into the ruthless big bag that we all know and hate from the comic and TV series, but nonetheless it was cool to see that once upon a time, The Governor had unknowingly saved Rick's life.

In the TV series, we saw Wiltshire Estates very briefly in Season 2, episode 6. When Shane and Andrea drive through the suburban community looking for a missing Sophia. At first the area seemed quiet, but they later realized it is totally walker infested.

At Arizona Comic-Con in 2012, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman confirmed that this area was Wiltshire Estates, and was intended as a Easter Egg for comic fans.

So why does this theory make the most sense?

Although technically we've seen Wiltshire Estates before, that doesn't mean we can't revisit it, not to mention the only two members of the group who have been there before are now both dead. But aside from this, the location of Wiltshire Estates makes it the best theory we've got. According the comic series, Wiltshire is only 20 miles out of Atlanta, a very realistic distance for the group to cover on foot, not to mention it explains all the walkers spilling out of the chained up gates.

Our last piece of evidence comes from The Spoiling Dead Fans who can always be counted on for new info, check out this picture from back in August 2014 when shooting for Season 5 was still underway:

The gates do look a little different than what we've seen in the trailer, but that could easily just depend on what side of the town they were on.

Where do you think the gates in the trailer are located? Tell me your theory over here!

Source: Walking Dead Wiki


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