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Warning: Possible spoilers for The Walking Dead comic and TV series ahead!

With nine days until the much anticipating return of [The Walking Dead](series:201193), one thing is for sure: it's going to be more action and carnage as the season takes us on a darker journey than we've seen the group take before.

Despite some details of the second half the season having been hinted at, most of the details for the next eight episodes have been tightly guarded, including who may or may not end up dead before Season 6. It's well known that in The Walking Dead no one is safe, so I've put forward some names for characters who are most likely to bit the dust in Season 5b. If the names aren't on the list then I've considered them safe - for now, but check out who might be wormfood in just a few episodes time.

Sasha Williams

Why she could die: After the death of Bob in Season 5, episode 3 it was obvious that Sasha was profoundly affected, this was proven even more after she underestimated Office Bob Lamson episode 7, purely because of his name, letting him both hit her and escape. This is a post-apocalyptic world, Sasha, that shit won't fly if you want to survive!

In addition to her character cracking up a little, the actress who plays Sasha, Sonequa Martin-Green, recently gave birth to a baby boy, meaning she was probably noticeably pregnant while filming the show. It does make you wonder if they killed her character off before the pregnancy was noticeable, or just took steps to avoid filming her bump for the remainder of the season.

Why she won't die: Sasha is a pretty solid and dependable character, as well as being the rock to her brother Tyreese, she has really taken on a leadership role in the group, and never backs down from a challenge. She may be able to rally from the loss of Bob and be badder than ever before.


Why he could die: We've talked about it before in our 'death prediction' articles, but The Walking Dead is notorious for bringing in b-list characters only for them to be dramatically killed over once their story arc is finished. I'm betting that early on in Season 5b the group will find themselves at the walled-community that Noah comes from, and find it overrun with his family dead. From there it's only a matter of time until a grieving Noah is nibbled on by a walker, or maybe even that he kills himself unable to cope with the sadness.

Another strong reason that Noah might end up in a grave is that the actor who plays Noah, Tyler James Williams, was just announced to co-star in a Criminal Minds spinoff series. Come on, that's gotta mean his days are numbered, right?

Why he won't die: After Beth's death we're a bit light on younger characters in the show, and I'm sure once his leg injury recovers a bit more he'll be a strong and able member of the group.

Father Gabriel Stokes

Why he could die: Father Gabriel is probably the weakest character currently on the show, unwilling to kill walkers, frequently escaping safe houses and endangering others lives, it just seems like a matter of time before he gets bitten trying to offer a walker communion.

Quite frankly he was one of the most infuriating parts of Season 5a, and while his church certainly helped the group, I think after he's given Beth a funeral service his character could easily de disposed of.

Why he won't die: Every group has to have a wide variety of characters, and Father Gabriel might be the kind natured, emotional and moral character that the group needs to keep them from leaving their humanity behind. He does add variety to the group, and besides someone needs to mind Judith.

Maggie Greene

Why she could die: Basically her whole family has been killed in horrible ways since the outbreak began. After losing her father and her sister within a fortnight (yep, there were only 12 days from Hershel's death 'til Beth's) I think that, similar to in the comic books, Maggie will sink into a deep depression and try to kill herself. In the comic series she tried to hang herself, but I think she might replicate what Carol did in the comic series and offer herself up to a hungry walker.

Why she won't die: The writers of The Walking Dead surely wouldn't write out another member of the Greene family after killing off two in the space of one season, would they? Also I doubt that Glenn will leave Maggie's side long enough to allow her to get into a position where she could end up dead.

Eugene Porter

Why he could die: After admitting he was not a scientist, nor did he have the cure, I'd wager that at this point, no one would really be concerned if Eugene met his maker. Despite his party-hairstyle, he doesn't seem like a terribly agreeable character, and let's not forget that it was only thanks to Abraham that he survived in the first place. Eugene lacks the skills, both social and hunting to survive in this post-apocalyptic world for much longer.

Why he won't die: Sure he admitted outright that he lied about having the cure, but his lies were pretty carefully crafted, indicating that although he may not be a scientist, he is still a pretty smart cookie. If he proves pretty early on in Season 5b that he's earned his place in the group, I think he'll be sticking around for awhile.

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