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After my last super difficult Vampire Diaries quiz received such a positive response from you guys, I thought that it was about time to twist your ever knowledgable brains once more!

Fans of the show know that the 6 season of plotlines are crammed with multi-layered mythologies and complicated relationships, but how much do you guys really know about [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853).


1. What is NOT part of the Hunter's Curse?

ANSWER: Those afflicted with the Hunter's Curse do NOT experience and inability to feed (D).


2. Which year was the Mystic Falls cemetery established in?

ANSWER: The cemetery was first established in 1792 (A).


3. What special effect does alcohol have on vampires?

ANSWER: B, drinking alcohol can supress a vampires blood lust.


4. Who said the following quote? "You weren't you. I know what that's like. I wasn't me for a long time"

ANSWER: Bonnie said this line to Elena after she had turned her humanity back on (B).


5. Who is the only main Vampire Diaries character that is not loosely based on someone in the novels?

ANSWER: C, Enzo doesn't seem to be based on anyone from the Vampire Diaries novels.


6. Who DOESN'T appear as a ghost in 'Ghost World'?

ANSWER: A, Vicki Donnovan doesn't return as a ghost in this episode.


7. What star sign is the smouldering Damon Salvatore?

ANSWER: Damon's birthday is June 18 making him a Gemini (A).


8. Which Character killed Stefan for the second time?

ANSWER: B, Julian was the Traveler who extracted Stefan's heart.


9. Which Mystic Falls building was built on the Indian village where The Originals came to be?

ANSWER: D, Mystic Falls High School was built on this inauspicious location.


10. How many people has Matt killed in The Vampire Diaries?

ANSWER: Matt has only killed one person.


Be honest, how many questions did you get right?


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