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The recent casting announcement for the live action version of Disney's Beauty and the Beast has opened up the possibilities of live-action adaptations for the entire back catalog of Disney animated classics.

One film I could imagine being rebooted ahead of all others is 1992's Aladdin. The setting and story certainly open some very interesting potential castings, so let's have a look at our choices for the main roles of Aladdin.

Aladdin - Luke Pasqualino

British actor of Italian descent, Luke Pasqualino, could be the perfect choice to play the live-action version of the roguish Aladdin. Not only does he have the looks and the youth, but some of his recent acting history could also play dividends. He has appeared as the hot-headed d'Artagnan in the sexed-up British historical series The Musketeers (so he knows how to use a sword), while he also showed off his acrobatics skills as Grey in Snowpiercer.

Check him out showing off his stuff in a stunt featurette for The Musketeers below:

Jasmine - Shay Mitchell

Although Freida Pinto could perhaps be a great fit for Jasmine, we really need someone of similar age as Luke Pasqualino, and at 30 Pinto might already be slightly too old for the role.

So this brings us to the Canadian model and actress Shay Mitchell. The Pretty Little Liars star doesn't have much to her name in terms of big screen experience, but her role in that ABC series could set her up nicely for Jasmine. Her character of Emily is certainly the sweetest and most 'Disney Princess' of the gang, while she's also been known to follow her heart even if it goes against social conventions. That's perfect for Jasmine.

Genie - JB Smoove

First of all, let's be clear. No one will ever be able to replace the legendary Robin Williams as the Genie, so it's with in mind that we need to find someone who can still bring the humor to the character, but in a slightly different way.

As soon as stand-up comedian and Curb Your Enthusiasm star JB Smoove popped into my head, I simply couldn't shake him out. I think he might be perfect for a post-Williams Genie. As a being which travels time and space, the Genie isn't locked down to the historical period he now inhabits. JB Smooves delivery and style would certainly work for a character who both makes modern references but in a way which isn't too jarring to audiences or the characters.

Plus, his work in Curb shows he could also add some hilarious improvisation to the role.

Check him out in action below (Warning: Some explicit language).

Jafar - Gary Oldman

We all know Gary Oldman can do evil. In fact, he can do any kind of evil you throw at him: psychotic drugged up evil, sympathetic apocalyptic evil, futuristic weird-hair evil. You name it, Oldman can do it.

With this in mind, I'm sure he could tackle Aladdin's nefarious Royal Vizier. Of course, Jafar needs to have a slightly snake-y element about him, and this is something I can see Oldman pulling off admirably. If you squint, he even looks a bit like him. Check out Oldman showing off his authoritarian chops in Leon: The Professional:

What do you think? Who else could the remaining roles in Aladdin? Let us know, or create your own post.


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