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The Doctor has saved the universe countless times, but now he's part of a team which is trying to help people a little closer to home.

The current Doctor, Peter Capaldi, and several other prominent and influential persons have pulled together to develop a charitable enterprise at a new private club in London.

Where as most private clubs seem to be the home of fusty, booze swilling fat cats who plan to take over the world, The House of St Barnabas does things differently. Since 1862, the Grade 1 listed Georgian building has been a haven for the homeless and vulnerable. Most recently a club has popped up at the House which plans to promote these issues.

As well as Peter Capaldi, other founding members of its latest mission include musician Jarvis Cocker, actor Brian Cox, journalist Miranda Sawyer and author Ian Rankin.

Jarvis Cocker
Jarvis Cocker
Brian Cox
Brian Cox

The House of St Barnabas is currently running several programmes, including a 12 Week Programme designed to give the long-termed unemployed help getting back on the ladder. Often those who have been jobless for a long time lack the drive, confidence and resources to plunge back into the job market. The Employment Preparation Programme aims to provide just this for free.

Currently, the club is holding a portrait exhibition of the main founding members (some of which you can see above). If you live in London and wish to pop by, you can from February 2nd, although admittance is by appointment only.

Source: Guardian


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