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It's hard to believe that ABC's fourth-wall-breaking comedy show Modern Family started all the way back in 2009 - I feel like I've known Jay Pritchett and his kooky family my entire life!

With the show now in its sixth season, I thought we'd take a walk back through memory lane to remind ourselves how far they've come since it all began.

But before we go any further, let's take a look at why we love it so much:

Check out their 'then-and-now' family portraits...

Ed O'Neill - Jay Pritchett

Age then: 62

Age now: 68

Sofía Vergara - Gloria Delgado-Pritchett

Age then: 36

Age now: 42

Julie Bowen - Claire Dunphy

Age then: 38

Age now: 44

Ty Burrell - Phil Dunphy

Age then: 41

Age now: 47

Jesse Tyler Ferguson - Mitchell Pritchett

Age then: 33

Age now: 39

Eric Stonestreet - Cameron Tucker

Age then: 37

Age now: 43

Rico Rodriguez - Manny Delgado

Age then: 10

Age now: 16


Which Modern Family member is your favorite?


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