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As an unabashed and slightly obsessed fan of Sex & The City, I will be the first to admit that I spend quite a lot of time thinking and talking about the characters and relating the show's scenarios to my own pitiful life (admittedly my life is not as fabulous, but I like to pretend!)

Despite the last episode of the series airing more than a decade ago, Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha have been canonized as the most powerful females to grace our screens.

And naturally, as much as we hate to admit it, the show would not have been as successful without the myriad of male suitors that the girls trawl through in their attempts to find 'the one.'

To nudge your memory, I've picked out some of the most surprising male actors of SATC, many of whom have been largely forgotten and have since become some of the most recognizable Hollywood stars on the planet. Prepare yourselves, some of these will blow your mind!

1. Justin Theroux

Character: Jarod; Vaugn Wysel

When? Season 1; Season 2

What happened? You probably totally forgot that Jennifer Aniston's man once actually graced our screens in SATC. He actually appears twice in the series, once as one of New York magazine's smarmy and unpleasant "30 Coolest People Under 30." Not very memorable at all, to be honest.

Later, he comes back again but in a completely different role (why did the SATC producers feel the need to recycle cast members, I wonder?) As Vaughn Wysel, you'll remember him for his very embarrassing problem 'downstairs.' As one of the shows most prolific premature ejaculators, no wonder poor Carrie chose to fall in love with his super welcoming and ultra-liberal Upper West Side family instead. Unsurprisingly, the relationship did not last.

Where are they now? Since appearing twice in the series, Justin Theroux has made his mark on the Hollywood scene with his acting, screenwriting and director. In particular, he is known for his work with film director David Lynch. Alongside this, he has worked as a screenwriter for blockbusters such as Tropic Thunder and Iron Man 2.

2. Bradley Cooper

Character: Jake

When? Season 2

What happened? When he appeared on SATC, Bradley Cooper was relatively unknown and his part was tiny. Playing the guy that Carrie picks up at a local bar to make herself feel better about her horrific photograph on the New York magazine's cover (that was SO unfair!), she is soon forced to ditch him. On their way to her apartment, pulling up to grab some cigarettes from the kiosk, Jake also picks up an issue of the magazine much to Carrie's horror. Bolting as fast as she can, she graciously jumps out of the car and Bradley Cooper is never to be seen again.

Remind yourself of his floppy locks in this video:

Where is he now? Cooper has come an incredibly long way since his time on SATC. His breakthrough role came in the comedy franchise The Hangover and he's been a pleasure to admire in The A-Team, Limitless and crime drama The Place Beyond The Pines. As well as this, he was banging in superhero film Guardians Of The Galaxy and also achieved three Oscar nominations for his roles in Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle and now, American Sniper. He actually produced the latter and garnered an Academy Award for Best Picture for the movie. All hail the Brad! Check out the trailer below:

3. Jon Bon Jovi

Character: Seth Bateman

When? Season 3

What happened? The 'Living On A Prayer' Rock god Jon Bon Jovi is the photographer that Carrie accidentally meets in her shrink's waiting room. After some brief winking and nudging in one of the most inappropriate locations in New York to conduct such a flirtation, they agree to give it a go with dinner and drinks. After a lovely evening, a cheeky game of Twister and a good time between the sheets, Seth unfortunately admits that he loses interest in women after he sleeps with them. Too bad, Carrie should have known that he had a shrink for a reason!

Where is he now? In 2009, Jon Bon Jovi was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, solidifying his presence on the music scene as ultimate babe and rock god. He was also ranked number fifty on the list of Billboard magazine's 'Power 100,' a ranking of "The Most Powerful and Influential People In The Music Business." As well as creating music, the star is a reputable philanthropist and has been elected to the White House Council for Community Solutions by Barack Obama. Good on you, sir!

4. Vince Vaughn

Character: Keith Travers

When? Season 3

What happened? During her time in L.A, Carrie meets a tall, dark stranger and is somehow gullible enough to believe him when he says he's Matt Damon's agent. She goes house hunting with him, makes out with him and even hops into his massive King-sized bed with him, only to find out that it's not actually his house and that he's merely a personal assistant. Oops!

Where is he now? Since his days as a lying L.A nobody, Vaughn has starred in numerous high-profile movies, most notably in romantic comedy Wedding Crashers and The Break-Up opposite Jennifer Aniston (they were also romantically involved for quite some time.) In 2015, look out for him in the second season of True Detective.

5. John Slattery

Character: Bill Kelley

When? Season 3

What happened? John Slattery won Carrie over after incessantly wooing her with attention, expensive dinners and a glimpse into the fast-paced political lifestyle. After a brief romance, they come to terms with the inevitability that they are simply too incompatible. In particular, John's unusual sexual fetish really pissed off Carrie in more ways than one. Clearly, 'golden showers' were just a step too far.

Where are they now? Since trying to piss on Carrie, John Slattery grew in prominence and is now well known for his role as Roger Sterling in Mad Men. For this, he has received four Primetime Emmy Awards and two Critics' Choice Television Awards. He has also won two SAG Awards as part of the cast ensemble. You can also briefly catch him as Doctor Norman in Arrested Development.

6. Matthew McConaughey

Character: Himself!

When? Season 3

What happened? Matthew McConaughey makes a guest appearance on the show and his loopy and exaggerated version of himself is absolutely brilliant! When Carrie visits L.A, he tries to convince her to sell him the rights to her book so he could play the main lead in its silver-screen adaptation as her male version. Unsurprisingly, she wasn't too into the idea. Remind yourself of the hilarious scene in this short clip:

Where are they now? Okay, so we all know McConaughey for his romantic and soppy roles in The Wedding Planner and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, but in recent years, he has undergone of the most profound transformations of any Hollywood actor. Starring in multiple award winning movies such as The Wolf of Wall Street, Mud and Interstellar, he has proven himself as an actor of the highest calibre. In 2013, he won an Oscar for Best Actor for portraying a ballsy AIDS victim in Dallas Buyers Club. Last year, it's unsurprising that Time magazine named him as one of the "Most Influential People in the World." Oh yeah!

Check him out in his award-winning role below:

Did I miss out any other lost lovers that are worth remembering? Let me know in the comments below!


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