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In the '90s, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were Hollywood's cutest child celebrity brand. They conquered the world with their signature style and their quirky movies and by the age of 10, they had already earned millions as some of the most successful stars in the entertainment business.

You might remember them for their acting debuts playing Michelle Tanner on the Full House series and as the cheeky twin sisters in Nickelodeon TV series Two of a Kind. Indeed, millions of kids (including myself!) have grown up with their escapades on TV and film. My personal favorite has always been the movie Passport To Paris! Check out the trailer below:

Today, they continue their quest for world domination and have proven themselves to be some of the chicest people to walk the planet.

But what happened when the sisters matured?

Being some of the most hard-working child stars out there, it is unsurprising that with time, the sisters moved further away from their acting roles.

Now in their late 20s, the ladies feel more at home within the realms of fashion. So much so that The New York Times even declared Mary-Kate a fashion icon for sparking a style revolution with her "homeless" look. Check it out, what do you all think?

It's original for sure!

Yet, their dedicated pledge to fashion does not end there and with Ashley at the helm, they have also launched their own couture fashion label, 'The Row.' As a follow-up, in 2007, they also started 'Elizabeth & James,' a collection inspired by their passion for unique vintage clothing items and accessories.

Naturally, to compliment their own fashion influences, they also published a book titled Influence, which included a great compilation of interviews with prominent people from the fashion world. Kudos to the girls for making their mark and following through with their commitment to what they enjoy!

So have they left acting altogether?

Although the sisters are more preoccupied with the fashion side of the Olsen empire, Mary-Kate still occasionally continues to star in movies. You can catch her briefly in Factory Girl!

Most recently, Mary-Kate also made headlines in her engagement to Olivier Sarkozy, the half-brother of the former French president!

The announcement caused a stir because her fiancé is 31 years her senior! Crazy!

Either way, the twins aren't scaling back their plans for world domination and continue to be some of the most respected actresses and fashion icons in Hollywood. What's to come next? Who knows at this pace!


How do you feel about Mary-Kate and Ashley?

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