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There are some very talented people out there on the world wide web, and lucky for us sometimes they share their talents with the world. The team over at the Animation Domination High-Def YouTube channel are some of those talented people, and spend their days making awesome cartoons which are currently air every Saturday over on Fox at 11pm.

Check out their latest offering when they transformed 90s classic Family Matters into a crazy anime featuring a sword touting Steve Urkel taking on a brutal Officer Carl, but first take another look at the classic intro to the original:

It opens with the theme song and introductions to Urkel and Officer Carl Winslow

Sorry I believe that is Urkel-san.

But it looks like Carl might be trouble for Urkel?

Yeah, those red eyes probably aren't a good sign.

The episode starts with Urkel asking out Laura

But unfortunately Laura already has a date, when Urkel asks who, suddenly Officer Carl appears and states that Laura is too good for Urkel-san, prompting a fight.

Watch out Urkel-san!

Let's be serious things don't look good...

Things get worse after Urkelbot makes an appearance

Uh oh...Luckily Urkelbot has a special cure and he becomes...

Stefan, a katana master!

Uh oh, Officer Carl looks like he's been sliced and diced.

Laura totally rethinks her plans

Good job Urkel-san!

Check out the whole parody video below:

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Source: Sploid


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