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For my other hot or not previews in 2015 please check out the links below. Please note, while I live in the UK the previews are based on the US film release schedule.

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There are many films released this year. The force is strong with some of them. While others are possibly a load of old Jar Jar Binks! This is just a sample. Enjoy.




not an official movie image!
not an official movie image!

Daniel Radcliffe is Igor and the film is seen through his perspective and his burgeoning friendship with Dr Frankenstein (James McAvoy). There is no indication yet as to who is playing the monster - Tom Hardy or Michael Shannon anyone? - but this should be a unique take on the oft told tale. Surely a monster hit!

London Has Fallen

trailer coming soon
trailer coming soon

Sequel to 'Olympus Has Fallen', a film which I vastly to preferred to the similar 'White House Down'. Secret Service agent Gerard Butler returns to save the day when the Prime Minister dies in mysterious circumstances, and the plot unfolds as the PM's funeral becomes the place to be to get all the world's leaders in one place, cue a diabolical plan to get rid of them all. Not such a bad plan then.


trailer coming soon
trailer coming soon

I am a massive fan of the Chevy Chase vacation films and he returns again as Clark Griswold along with Beverly D' Angelo as Ellen, his long suffering wife. The focus this time though is on his grown up children now played by new comedy legends Ed Helms and Leslie Mann and their families as they embark on another excursion to Wally World, the focus of the first vacation movie. The only vacation I want to go on this year!

Crimson Peak

Guillermo Del Toro directs this supernatural tale about a woman (Jessica Chastain) who moves into a haunted house and discovers that her husband is not all he claims to be. Del Toro is a master at this kind of thing, and this promises to be a spooky treat.


Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

Nobody still cares about this franchise do they? You could easily fall asleep and miss absolutely nothing apart from the odd plate falling to the floor and the occasional shuffle of a bed sheet. Yawn.

Jem and the Holograms

A musical adventure based on an old Hasbro toy line and 80's animated series, the film tells the usual tale of a small town girl who becomes a global superstar. Would much rather stick pins in my eyes. And hey, if I did that I would probably become a global superstar too. So take that Jem and your stupid holograms!




trailer coming soon
trailer coming soon

The latest from Martin Scorsese, Andrew Garfield and Liam Neeson star in this story of two Jesuit priests who face persecution as they try to spread Christianity in Japan in the 17th Century. Praying for a great movie.


Bond is back. Daniel Craig is back as Bond. I will be sitting at the back of the theatre watching Bond. Bond better not have his back turned. Not with the possible return of Blofeld, possibly played by Christoph Waltz, possibly not, as his character has a completely different name (maybe he will do a Cumberbatch Khan revelation) , but who cares its Bond and he is back!! Judi Dench of course won't be. And hey SPECTRE is back, the terrorist organisation that first appeared in the very first Bond movie. Am going to watch all the Bond movies in preparation. Back to back.

The Hunger Games: Mockingly Part 2

Since the last Harry Potter movies it has become a tradition to end the franchises by splitting the final book into two (or three in Peter Jackson's case). Undoubtedly a means to make money for the Hollywood Studios, at least it gives the film makers the chance to spend more time on the book's finer details and gives us a chance to spend more time with the characters we have grown to love. Jennifer Lawrence returns as Katniss rebelling against the Capitol one last time, the film should be a more action oriented and faster paced tale than Part 1.

The Martian

Another return to sci-fi for Ridley Scott, Matt Damon stars as an astronaut stranded on Mars and does his best to survive while getting red sand in his eyes on a daily basis. Probably.


The Good Dinosaur

There is only one film about dinosaurs that I want to watch in 2015 and this is not it! The story of a dinosaur named Arlo and his friendship with a boy named Spot. Okay it's a Pixar film, and aside from 'Cars' and 'Planes' they genuinely produce some of the finest animated films around. Feel free then to put in the 'Hot' list if you want. Chances are though this is one Pixar film that will become extinct!



In the Heart of the Sea

The story that inspired 'Moby Dick', Ron Howard directs this story of a sea based survival tale, with giant whales, storms, starvation, and probably sea sickness.

Star Wars: the Force Awakens

In 1999 I excitedly took my seat in the cinema to watch 'The Phantom Menace' expecting to be blown away by the greatest film since the original Star Wars trilogy. After waiting nearly 20 years to see another Star Wars movie I was completely underwhelmed with a story of trade disputes, midichloriants and Jar Jar Binks. Darth Maul was cool though. In 2015 my expectations are as high as they were then, the trailer harks back to to original trilogy and the old cast of Ford, Fisher, and Hamill are returning. Best of all there is no sign of a floppy eared Gungun.



Ron Howard is a director with a very mixed bag of films. 'Apollo 13' and 'Parenthood' are bonafide classics. 'The Dilemma' and 'The DaVinci Code' are not. I consider the latter to be blasphemy so you can understand my lack of enthusiasm for this, another film in Dan Brown's series of novels, with Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon, this time following clues in Dante's 'The Divine Comedy' to stop global genocide. Ridiculous.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Chip

Please no! There is only one vacation worth taking this year and that is with the Griswolds! Let's hope the Chipmunks are the subject of road kill. Harsh maybe but I know you agree with me. Bah!


Do you agree with my choices? Are there any films that you feel should have been selected for hot or not? Please let me know. And tell me what film you are most looking forward too in the poll below.


What film are you most looking forward too?


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