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I Love Superhero movies and Fantasy movies in general.

Since DC rebooted their whole universe in 2011 one book in particular was in the top 10 of rebooted characters, Deathstroke! Unfortunately it didn't last as long as most fans had hoped, but unbeknownst to us fans Slade Deathstroke Wilson was making his way back in a huge way!

First it started with Manu Bennett's portrayal of the character in the mega hit series Arrow on the CW network, then Deathstroke would appear in the Batman game Arkham Origins as one of the assassins hired by the Black Mask to kill the Batman. Not only was he in the game he was actually made as a downloadable character to play as in side missions, he was also in the mega hit game Injustice Gods Among Us.

So with all the exposure he was getting it was DC who decided to make him a New 52 action figure and 12 inch statue that sold in high numbers for one of their higher priced collectibles. Now with DC canceling 7 of their titles it was a matter of what to replace them with, enter Tony S. Daniel who would take no the titular character not only as writer but artist as well. With anticipation at a breaking point and new readers ready to read about the character they fell in love with in one of the for mentioned medias, Daniel's did not disappoint. The first issue was number 2 only behind Batman in sales when it was released back in October and has had a steady increase every month, with the fourth issue releasing this past week we get to see the deadliest assassin in the DCU fight it out with former Suicide Squad partner Harley Quinn and none other than the Batman himself!

So if your one of the few people not reading this book I suggest you get 10 dollars and go to your local comic book store and buy the first four issues, oh and by the way it's also being rumored that former True Blood star Joe Manganiello might be up for playing the Big Screen debut of Deathstroke in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie set for a 2016 release. But until I see that this is set in stone I won't be holding my breath (but I will be crossing my fingers in hopes for it).


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